Tuesday, July 24, 2018

You Never Say, "You Got Your Mother's Boobies!" Right? You Never WANT to Say That!

Well, here's somebody's chance to say something that is hardly ever said! Weird stuff inside!

I found this picture on a image wanking site, and I was a bit taken aback, to the point where I said, "What are you doing with my girlfriend's tit's Mom?" and immediately I ran with it. I knew it wouldn't be for someone so I could take it wherever I wanted to go, which for this caption, was a swap of body parts. I alluded to a full body swap earlier, so as I was finishing it up, I thought that another twist would be more than welcome I figure.

So what else do you think they'll be swapping before "mom" has her big date with "dad" ??? Where could the statuette be hidden and is mom and dad going to give it back at some point? Let me know what you think of the story, and where it will lead from here!


  1. Oh, wow . . . did that ever go places I didn't expect! Well done. I love the body part swapping and the use of age to drive it. Very clever.

    1. Thanks! I can give credit definitely to the photo, since I wouldn't normally use something like this .. I was just sort of hornswaggled by those tits on THAT body! Didn't quite seem right and I knew I could work with it into a caption format.

  2. You should make more of this, it is great.