Tuesday, July 3, 2018

NEW SHOES WEEK! Saturday Night's Dream .. Sunday Morning's Reality!

Ian gets to star in the naughty NEW SHOES caption ... the lucky bloke!

Well, I couldn't just do all shoes now, could I? I've got one more shoe caption coming (at least) but it is much more innocent .. and that just isn't Ian, if you knew him at all!

Perhaps this is the best point of view for anyone, amirite? Definitely nothing subtle about this one, and no subtext or anything pointing to a larger meaning. Just a short fantasy TG caption in all its glory! The best part of waking up .. is the tasty folds of snatch. Not quite the coffee commercial, but you can have the cuppa, I'll have the vulva!

Hope everyone in the states is having a wonderful 4th of July right in the middle of a work week, and those outside .. yeah, we are still sorry about what we did to you on Nov 2016. Hopefully we can win you back with some fresh flowers in a few years and say we were just going through an awkward phase in our lives! That is what is great about the USA .. good and bad .. we've usually been relevant!

Anyone want to be in one of these like Ian? Comment below with your male name and female name and you might star in the last one I create for the week!

Didn't think I was going to forget this 4th of July tradition, did you? How many of the readers out there, girls OR boys, tried to spin themselves silly wanting to turn into Wonder Woman? I did!


  1. Dee,

    I don't have a male and female name because I'm a submissive not a TG or CD. BUT, I also have a major foot fetish, and I love TGirls, so your shoe captions are really enjoyable to me. Almost any photos of legs, feet shoes, stockings, boots, etc; are exciting to me.

    For me the most important part of foot fetishism, is the hot, sweaty scent of the woman's feet. So when I see a woman in leather shoes or boots, in my head I assume they've been in them for hours; and the combination of heat, leather, nylon, and sweat creates the perfume that I love!

    Thank you for all you post, not just your shoe posts! Over the years you have posted some amazing photos and captions of legs and feet! Thank you!

    Joe D. Footsniffer

    1. Glad you decided to say hi, though I'm pretty sure you've commented a few times before. Very non-judgmental zone around here and I'm pleased you can get something out of this blog. I am still going to feature you in the caption, though I am probably going to change it around slightly to see if I can mold it around your preferences a bit.

  2. I've dreamt of waking up like this on more than one occasion, only to be dissapointed when I really woke up, but the dreams are usually so vividthe feel like memories. I still hope that one day I tear down the barrier between dreams and reality in my sleep. who knows what might happen if I do.

    great cap.

    1. I think that would be a good enough reason to try lucid dreaming and trying to enter the astral plane. I am never chill/relax enough to do it. I have enough trouble even getting into a meditational mode.

  3. Thank you Dee, sorry I have been a little lax on the comment front. I think I would hang out in that reality as long as I could. This one is full of work, bills, regrets and heart ache. Crazy is best. You would be insane not to!