Thursday, July 5, 2018

NEW SHOES WEEK: Keeping You On Your Toes!

This was created with friend of the blog, Joe D. in mind. See both versions inside!

Well, the other day I offered to have someone star in one of the captions for New Shoes Week, and Joe D. "STEPPED" up to the plate. As a foot fetishist, he was especially digging this weeks theme, as well he should! I had already a basic outline involved and the picture pulled up, so the original plan was to just put a male and female name into it and WHAM-O .. I get sued by the frisbee company! Nah, I'd have the next New Shoes caption. Since Joe D. provided a bit of a twist, I figured I'd rework it as best I could, and that way, we can see where I started, and where we finished up.

The first one is the one that is completely finished, and made for Joe D. I think I tweaked a good amount to give a better representation of his preferences than the general story line I had originally. I think both are pretty good, and I wouldn't be ashamed of trading either to someone on the Haven.

Here is the first version. I had used BLANK as a place marker for whomever was going to receive this caption. Over the last 30 hours or so, I've been trying to figure out which one I like better .. and I've "flip-flopped" often, while trying not to be a "loafer" but I cannot really decide.

I'll let you all tell me what you think about both of them. I would guess that fans of BBW TG changes would like the original, while others might find the final version for Joe D. to be better. The comment section is lying right below here, awaiting your replies. Good or bad, give me your critiques! I can handle it, and I won't be caught "flat-footed"! Sometimes I am such a "heel"!!


  1. Dee,

    Thank you for this honor! I'm so happy to be added into one of your captioned photos, it is very cool. I've never had the pleasure of sniffing ballet shoes, but I'll bet they smell wonderful.

    I saw a story on TV about a guy who made ballet shoes for the Rockettes. The story went on to explain how the shoes were made, and the fact that they have a very short life, and are replaced about every week to 10 days. The soles and points in the shoes are made with molded leather, then the outer material is satin or nylon (I think). So ballet shoes seem to be perfect for my scent fetish.... You've got female feet, sweat from working out, leather, and nylon hose! That is MY perfect formula for the world's greatest scent! You truly could not have picked a better photo, or idea, for a story with my name attached!

    Thank you!

    Joe D. Footsniffer

  2. I definitely like the new version. I think it flows well, and it fits the character of a gym rat turning into a ballet princess. I love BBW themes/transformations, and probably would have like the original as it is, but that part seems . . . I don't know, forced or unnecessary, I guess, compared to the final product.