Saturday, July 21, 2018

Just a Lil' Trans-positional Floating Error on Your Birthday!

What's a couple of digits mixed up when you're young? C'mon inside and find out!

She must be glad a mistake didn't happen again when she turned 19!

I am pretty sure I didn't post this one before, unless I gave it as a bonus caption in a different post.

This was made for Sarine Davis from the Haven, aka Belladonna from Fictionmania, and it was given to her as a birthday present caption. Those tend to be quicker and sometimes Meta, or they are straightforward and designed to be exactly as read. This caption was definitely the latter.

I don't think there are any captions from before the start of the year left to post here, well at least finished captions. I might have a few of those still from way back when, I just haven't had time to go through the folders to see how many non-completed ones are floating around there. That should mean mostly new captions going forward, with perhaps a few "throwback captions" as time permits.

Apparently either this has been a great weekend for weather, or my readers aren't big into fluffy women in dental floss bikinis anymore! Not only were there no comments, its gotten less than half the usual amount of views of any caption since the racist skinhead --> Cheerleader caption that was posted 2 days before July 4th. I'll make a mental note of that!

Should be back tomorrow with the usual Sunday night posting. I have a few to chose from, and I'll decide by whether I have time to write up something interesting to go along with whatever will be featured, OR if I don't have time, it'll be a caption that doesn't need as much explaining. Cya then!


  1. Clever use of the image. It's very you. Very good.

    1. Perhaps my math minor was just coming into play for like the first time ever here! So many mistakes in numerical problems are just transposition errors.