Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Unless You're the Bride, Weddings Suck!

And the absolute worst is being in the wedding party!

Made this one a little while back when I was trying to make a stockpile of captions because I was running out due to a lack of time to make more. Wasn't really directed towards someone so I think that made it lack a bit substance wise. I can be a bit scatter-shot when I don't have a recipient in mind when creating the caption.

Anyway, at least the women in the wedding party can pretend that one day, SHE'LL be the bride and everyone will focus their eyes on her. For guys, it's getting dressed up in an uncomfortable rented tux in which you will sweat your ass off because obviously everyone has to get married in the summer! You have to even do a practice run the night before and stand for a whole bunch of pictures, then be locked away in a room while everyone else is getting refreshments so you can make a grand appearance in front of people who are awaiting the prime rib. Whee! I guess you can see where I got the idea for this caption, huh?

I will actively lie about doing something else during a wedding. "We've announced a date for our wedding and are about to send out invitations." "Oh, sorry, but we'll be busy that day." "We haven't even told you when it is." "I know, but I like to keep my options open in case I ever decide to have a vasectomy. You understand, right?"

And yeah, I have to attend a wedding on Father's Day weekend. Wonder if I had thought about that subconsciously while making this caption. Nah!

This is a blog exclusive, so please comment about it down below. How far would you go to get out of attending a wedding? Did you have any TG moments or thoughts when attending a wedding or wedding reception? Where was the source photo taken? Any ideas?


  1. Cute caption, I can't imagine that the girls they swapped with did't find the magic coin, before returning the tuxes, so the boys are probably at their mercy if they want to swap back. And it seems that's a big IF.

    I used to say that I have other obligations if I wanted to get out of a wedding, but usually I attended the weddings I was invited to. Sometimes for no other reason than to see how the bride looked.
    And yes I always imagined how I would look in her dress, standing in front of the altar with my (imaginary) wife to be. Wondering if she would wear a dress too, or maybe a white tux.

    I can't name a city because I don't recognize the building in the picture, but the statue seems to be Lenin. So that narrows it down to the former USSR. Based on the looks of the girls, I'd say, the western parts of Russia, Belarus or the Ukraine.
    I take it that the exif data of the original picture doesn't reveal the geolocation.

    1. Not sure I have the original picture saved on the hard drive.

      I always tended to pretend to be the bridesmaid because I don't want to get married, and the hideous bridemaid outfits looked like a lot more fun to wear than a wedding gown!