Tuesday, June 12, 2018

As Above, So Below! What a Short Title for a Dee Caption! Not Anymore!

There we go! I think if I got paid by the letter for my caption titles ..

.. I'd have a lot more money than I do now!

Made a quickie type caption for Wendygirl. Had the picture for awhile,so I just put it in a caption setting and started typing. What came out is what you are about to read!

Sometimes you don't need an elaborate storyline .. just a good subject in a picture and some imagination on how to get inside that character! Everything you need is right there in the photo.

This is going to be a quick post. Have stuff going on and I can tell that summer is almost here because views are a bit down. Not a shock by any stretch. If I get a chance, I'll write up a few blog posts when I get a chance tomorrow so I won't have to worry about the weekend, with Rifftrax on Thursday, a wedding reception to attend on Saturday, and Father's Day on Sunday.

Hope all is well with you the readers. Feel free to comment or just leave a message letting me know that you are all doing OK, and maybe tell me what your plans are for the summer!

These guys are going to be a must see as soon as they come around again. Love the new Ghost!

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  1. That was cute. I somehow suspected it would all turn out okay, with no embarrassing gender reveal, but the comment about the drapes sealed it. Fab!