Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Pitfalls of an Elite Education for Your Daughter!

I'm sure you'd do anything for your daughter. I know I would!

Made this for Ron on the Haven when I had a few minutes to myself over the weekend. Finally running out of backlogged captions so I have to get cracking again!

I saw the photo and knew it'd be another one for Ron who loves women in men's clothing. I know it's a schoolgirl outfit, but she is tying a tie, so I knew I could finish it up with something relating to doing that .. if the girl she's become can remember how to do something HE'D done hundreds of times! How embarrassing would that be if his wife had to teach him how to do that?

Anyway, relatively standard caption otherwise. I make no guarantees of just how magical or true to life this one is as I think it gives lots of leeway. I am pretty sure there is some conditioning there, possibly hypnosis that kicks in towards the end. Could there be some sort of device on his junk to keep it small and compact, having the effect of emasculating him further in girlish tendencies?

The reason I like this caption is it's a loss of power caption between the husband and wife, and probably with his daughter too, Do you think Holly is going to take him seriously after seeing him in skirts, curtsying and possibly all giggly and flirtatious for .. is it only going to be ONE year? And I am also not sure if Holly is an actual daughter or a stepchild.

And something says that there is something more afoot than just the daughter's education. I believe that HE is going to learn so much too .. about who has the power in the relationship going forward. Just how is the living arrangements going to be once he comes back home in a year .. well, probably gets to visit over the holidays, but technically 9-10 months. Maybe Dee can find Rhonda a service project or a summer camp experience during July and August? Who knows where this will lead?

Well, you do, as a reader of this caption. Tell me what you think happens over the next day, week, and eventually over the year and beyond. I'm pretty interested to know how the story progresses!

Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the new Damned CD. Might be their best album ever!


  1. I love the way the word "mom" just slips out. That, right there, makes the whole caption come alive.

    1. Thanks Sally. To punctuate the subtle shift that is coming mentally, that is the moment where I changed the font from normal to italics trying to show the inflections of a teenage girl, as opposed to the accomplished adult male he was earlier in the conversation.

      I am not sure if you read my replies .. but one thing I don't see much of, especially in stories, is the more subtle things like I mentioned before. If you ever get a chance, I'd love to see if you or Ann Michelle work that into a setting, where a guy really hasn't changed much (maybe at this point he's just wearing panties, or a bra) but is conditioned or hypnotized into talking like a teenage girl, maybe with a slight pitch change upward, but definitely with rising intonation (where everything sounds like a question and the pitch rises towards the end) and it's evil opposite, vocal fry. It would especially be interesting if he's trying to say and project something, and it gets all perverted as it goes out his mouth.