Thursday, April 26, 2018

#TBT Leeanne & Her Friend Sneak Into a Strip Club!

Who knew that Leeanne could be so diabolical and devious? I did! Come inside and see why!

With 2 doctors appointments and 2 dentist visits, it's been another busy week here, plus the NFL draft starts tonight, so I figured now would be a great time to post a throwback Thursday post. I'll have a new post up on Friday or Saturday night. Besides, if you hadn't seen this one before, it's NEW to you!

Well, I saw this picture, and while a bit more naughty that I usually post, was an instant goldmine of ideas for me to place into a caption right away. It was always going to be a husband and best friend trying to figure out what his wife did when she went out. Believe it or not, but I was thinking of Fred and Barney spying on Wilma after being turned into women by The Great Gazoo. Then, with the obvious skill of one of the ladies in the image, it became a Leeanne caption. With that, I saw that the girls do look like they could be dolled up men, which with would be another skill that Leeanne's friend probably didn't realize Leeanne was proficient at, makeup and dressing up. So this caption wouldn't be magical at all, but perhaps a slice of someone's really kinky real life!

From there, the ending just sort of jumped out at me. What if the stripper knew Leeanne already, and this was just a complete setup? Of course, that made all the sense in the world! The rest just rushed right out into the caption, and it has everything that should be in a Dee caption: some naughtiness, a bit of obliviousness, some snappy dialog, a twist at the end, and an open-ended conclusion that lets the reader fill in the blanks however they want. I am quite pleased with this one, I must say.

I am still quite a fan of this caption. It also sums up Leeanne pretty well. She doesn't think she is betraying her good friend, but instead is getting someone else to be a sissy with .. and her wife is already on board too! Also, it just makes me chuckle that the male dancer has such a fake tan that I just HAD to use the orange font for him.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: So, what happens next? If you had this picture, what story would you have drawn from it? Let me know what you think since this is a blog exclusive!


  1. Oh, that's devious, but delicious. I tend to be a little too shy, a little too anxious about places like that, but maybe all I need is the right friend. :)

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