Friday, January 12, 2018

Top 10 Captions of 2017 (Part 1)

A retrospecticus in the middle of January .. Yeah, nothing like taking my time, right?

I wanted to go through all my captions that I made in 2017, and pick out my favorite TEN captions of the year, and possibly explain WHY I liked them so much. Time often gives us a bit of perspective and maybe a few fell between the cracks and I like them more now than when I made them. Others were favorites of mine from the get go! There are no captions from December 2017 as its too early for me to say if they were some of the best of the year. We shall see how my favorites lined up with yours! Let me know if I missed a really good one!

I am going to try to keep them in some semblance of time frame. As we go along, I might find that there were many more good ones made during a certain time of year so .. lets start at Dec 2016 and make our way through to June 2017.

"A Traditional Marriage Between a Man and a Woman!" really went against the grain, as it was a revenge story that reversed itself. I really hadn't tackled this situation very much in the past, and this time went with a brutal story of how perhaps "a traditional marriage" might be enforced in a very conservative town in the future. It got a few quick comments but was much more appreciated on the Haven, where it was offered as a captioning challenge.

""I'm a Tough Guy!" Of Course You Are, Felicia!" was such a fun caption to write. Denial of changes though they are right in front of him .. what a blast! The model really helps to sell the storyline and as everyone knows, I love making characters oblivious to their inevitable situation until it is too late. Felicia is also such a good commenter, she makes you want to create even more for her.

"Skipping Out on Your Daughter's Diva Party? Skipping IS the Right Word!" I knew this would be a favorite from the time I found the source photo up through writing it and then posting it to the blog here. Its got a bit of everything in it, from AR to revenge and it is just drenched in swirls of purple and pink sparkles as only TotalDitz would want it. For such a childish romp of a story, it's quite dark towards the end. When you can get sticky sweet and dark as fuck in the same panel, you tend to be proud of yourself for making it work well together.

Then we hit the period where I was disillusioned a bit and went on my first real sabbatical ever. Made captions here and there, but I was taking time away from the community, wanting to see if there was a community around to actually come back to. As the year went on, we lost Erin and a few others, but the TG Caption bleeding did come to an eventual stop, and we do have some newbies making some waves on the Haven. Let us hope that trend continues in 2018! Also, all the posts have Black Sabbath songs posted from the beginning of their career through 40+ years covering many singers. Check it out if you want to see a chronological summation of some of their best work through the years.

"Admit it .. This Was You at Extended Holiday Family Gatherings!" was a special caption in so much that I wrote it and starred in it, which I tend not to do very often. Pretty much a bit of wish fulfillment that ended up being a bit more realistic that I thought it would be. It's a sweet caption and yet, it can trigger thoughts in you as well, due to the detail I wanted put into the actions I take after the change. Perhaps I'll write a bit more of my real "self" in the new year. We shall see!

"Hunter Finally Got the Short End of the Stick!" was written for another mostly departed captioner, Hailey Pixley and if you go to the original post HERE, you'll see a good example how editing and cropping can really be your friend, plus you get to see other pictures of the adorable short lady in stockinged feet standing next to other tall guys! The contrast was just so much fun to write about, and when you add shrinking to a TG caption, it just makes it like 20 percent better!

A few HONORABLE MENTIONS below. Not quite good enough or I wasn't feeling it today. Many of these could change if I redid this again next month!

"A Waterfall Is Concerned Only With Being Itself .." was pretty philosophical and I liked the supplied photo that I wrote the story from seeing it in a "pictures you can use for me" folder.

"Absolutely Bonkers .. The Long Tea Time of the Soul!" Was another caption made in June. Like the waterfall one, I thought the story was well crafted and had a good heart to it. Generated a few comments on what the background story was after I mentioned a few scenarios I couldn't count out, and if you'd like to read some of the creative things that were said, and the original post as well, click HERE to read it all!

"Paying It Forward .. You'll Do the Same, Right?" Was probably the best POV caption I made this year, well at least of what I went through for Dec-June so far. The picture definitely draws you in, and the way the dialog sets itself up leads to a good resolution. Puts you RIGHT into the action!

Lastly, I think this speaks for itself! Stay tuned for the rest of the list. What's your favorites from the year, either based off of these I posted above, or others that stuck in your memory from this year?


  1. I'm a sucker for the Marx Brothers!!!! No I don't mean that literally, I'm not that old!!!!
    "Let's all get married."
    "But that's Bigamy!!!"
    "And it's big of me too....let's all be big!!!
    So I guess you know which one I liked best!!!
    Sometimes the quick one liner is best!!!!
    I liked the others too but I loved the last one it made me laugh!!!!

    1. I know a few people that LOVE quickies like this one that are silly and sexy .. and they are usually people that I cherish as good friends. People like Petra and ShySteffie that could do both and enjoyed captions built around dad jokes and groaner puns. Glad to see that you also fall into that grouping.