Saturday, January 20, 2018

Scared and Nervous .. and Apprehensive?

Innocent words to reassure someone in need, or an admittance of guilt? You decide! Come inside!

A wicked ear infection and a busy week lead me to not be around much this week, so sorry about missing a post or two beforehand. I haven't really had time to caption so i hope to make a few this week before going away next weekend.

Made this for Dawn (Commentator) and I was trying to make something that was MILFy and psychologically constructed with signals our body puts out that we might not know we are doing. That and thematically pressing forward with a theme repeated that would drive the plot. Weird thing is, that I wrote it from a place of open lovingness, yet I'm not quite sure if there is a moment of confession at the end or just him trying to be reassuring that nothing bad is going to happen so move on. After sitting on this caption for over 2 weeks, I'm still not sure which was it goes.

Unlike the caption I made a few days later, "Baby, It's Cold Outside .." this was was supposed to be vague, but loving .. and now I am moving it over to the evil side of the ledger. Even Dawn replied, "Actually I'm trying to hide the very sharp letter opener while I entice him to come closer so I can stab the bastard in the balls for doing this to me."

My response was, "Well, like I said before, it was all so sweet .. and then that little twist at the end came around and I liked the ambiguity about it all. That it could be read as malicious or just a 'let me handle it!' show of support."

It goes to show that reading something in print can be much more damning than something you'll hear from a person speaking. It's why I prefer to read a politician's speech instead of seeing it spoken live. It takes away some persuasion points and hopefully your bullshit detector is more engaged.

So, which way did you read the caption? There's no wrong answer, because I see it both ways, and if I was rewriting it to make it a sweet ending, I'd take out the last paragraph and write something different so it wouldn't teeter-totter between good and evil.

Speaking of being stuck between good and evil, I was away for a few days on the Haven, and this was one of the captions left in my folder. It's made by Feargas, who used one of the pictures I had left in my preferences folder .. and hope you enjoy it too.

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  1. I shall type this loudly as you have an ear infection.
    I went with the evil vibe on this one the first time and think there maybe more for Dawn as well. But on a re read its sounds as if he had been playing a Dawn before so maybe a wish has been granted?