Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Nothing But an Empty Suit .. What is Really Inside? Dee Knows!

Ahh, machinations in the business world. Who'd have thought it could come down to this?

As per my original posting in Addie Klein's Haven Trading Folder:
Dee set the trap, and you fell into it. One that will be truly enjoyable, but still a trap! 
Hope you enjoy. This seems to be the bit that sets up everything into motion. Trust me, if I had another picture of the model, I'd probably have done a two panel, but alas, I could not. I think it does set up a dominant woman in your future taking you further down. I always like to give captions that let your imagination run wild. 
Now get that cute butt out of here and get all some coffee. All your co-workers want to see the new you!
Lots of fun to write up. I think everyone knows a guy that is slight of build, perhaps not very tall either, and how he can use outfits to help build up his look enough to project leadership capability. They'll even dress like a businessman on the weekend, lest people see a less than confident, or weak, man that will lessen his aura of infallibility. That is what I was trying to capture here, and bring some humiliation to it .. along with some of the patented 'Dee is evil' story line you've seen time and time again here in captions.

And it is sort of a set up, but only because Eli is predictable .. that he'd run late, forget something important (or pretend it didn't exist and try to ignore it) and then come running to his assistant to help. His downfall is just as much him as it is her crafting his fate into panties.

And he is going to have to go along with her (and Mr. Jenkins) plan for at least a few months. He'd probably get fired or demoted for not following corporate policy that EVERYONE was supposed to do. That is team building and one person cannot play by their own rules. Dee will be there to help Ella of course. Building up a wardrobe, training him on how to wear makeup, and give him some encouragement along with having him by the balls. Best case scenario might be him declaring he doesn't want to officially become a woman . that he found out that he's really a feminine sissy, and she'll take her place along side Dee as an assistant as Dee rises through the ranks.

So, while the picture isn't naughty in the least, it does lead to some interesting situations in the long run, and it seems realistic to me, especially when compared to my usual TG caption. I mean, not getting a haircut, wearing big clothing with a touch of women's clothes, and a smear of lipstick could bring out the femme vibe in a number of the male population that is slight of height and weight with good cheek bones.

Let me know what you think about the caption, good and bad! I can handle it.


  1. I like this sort of thing, the whole situation piled on situation until it becomes ridiculous and virtually impossible to back out. The simplicity of the initial conundrum, the near-harmlessness of the first steps... Most of all, the playful teasing and supporting atmosphere of people who want to help (in all senses of the connotations that are attached).

    I think the image, as you say, is very realistic in this regard. The only potential lack of realism is that helpful, playful teasing from the women. I get a vibe that there may be romance in the future, you see. I'm not saying this is bad, far from it, but I would quibble the realism. But, you know, that's just me being crotchety (ha) and tetchy so take it with an ocean's-worth of salt.

    The long and the short of it: a squirmy little scenario with, as you say, plenty of scope for future differences and situations based on a really cute image.

  2. A great caption. We were led like Eli along a tame path and then the bombshell.