Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mom Said You Had to Sort Through an Old Box of Clothes

Something tells me there still might be some boys clothing to donate to the poor!

Made this caption for Nadine in her 2 for 1 offer. Not only do you get 2 captions back if you use one of the pictures she provided, she'll also donate another 5 dollars to the Haven to keep it running! That sounded like a bargain to me, so I chose this picture because it reminded me of something I am in the process of doing right now .. going through old clothing to see what fits and what doesn't.

And it is a cute little caption. Who couldn't see their mother making them try on everything in an old trunk from the attic to see what the family could donate to charity? And of course, mothers are stubborn, so if you were protesting that it was your sister's clothing, she wouldn't hear you and think that you were just trying to get out of a chore.

I wonder if it worked the other way too. She started trying on Henry's clothing and was like, "this is so baggy! wait, it fits me pretty well now though yuck, hairy armpits!" Perhaps after supper, they'll just end up in each other's rooms.

I think everyone is getting in the holiday spirit, as comments and views have been down. Don't be afraid to look at anything older than a few days. It does remain fresh if you haven't seen it yet!

And speaking of seeing things, I saw "The Disaster Artist" this weekend, which is the James Franco movie about the making of one of the best "worst" movies of all time, "The Room". I cannot recommend both of them highly enough. The Room really is a disasterpiece of cinema, and such a compelling watch at midnight showings, at home, or watching the Rifftrax version. Franco does a wondrous job of playing Tommy Wiseau, a guy of indeterminate age, nationality or source of wealth ... even though he's clearly in his 40's and talks with the weirdest accent on the planet.

 This clip above from "The Room" is an entire scene. I can only imagine the takes that didn't work. People are discussing Franco as a possible Oscar nomination. The performance deserves to be recognized, but not sure if it is worthy of an Oscar win. I guess time will tell!

If it is in your area, go see it while you can. I assume that with the new Star Wars coming out next week, it'll be gone very soon! And if you do go, stay to the absolute end. There's an Easter Egg that is worth seeing .. Franco as Wiseau acting with Wiseau!


  1. Oh, I like that! I used to secretly raid my mother's bags of clothing before she donated them, and always made sure I got first dibs on any bags that came from friends. None of them took care of my bump, though.

  2. He is lucky its his sisters hand me downs. there is his late grandmother's stuff to sort.
    Surgical stockings anyone?