Saturday, December 23, 2017

Not So Tiny Tim Is Envious of Loser Larry .. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I promise you that there are NO ghosts in this caption .. so click on the damn link, you Scrooge!

I made this a few weeks ago when I found the picture. I just knew that it'd be my sissy caption for the Christmas season. Not sure I've done many sissy body swaps, but it just seemed like the thing to do with what I was given. I wasn't sure if I could find a recipient because both sissies I know do not consider themselves athletic or really manly, and both are married, so I didn't want to intrude upon their lives through the caption. I ended up using a more generic name, and Libby just seems like a very noble sounding sissy name, don't you think?

This should be the most "deviant" of my captions for the holiday season. It's got flouncy sissies and a she-male dominatrix, along with body swapping, chastity and Lolita play. That should give a few people bingo on their TG caption cards, right?

I'll be back again with something for Christmas Eve tomorrow! Give me some early gifts with comments in the appropriate section!


  1. You're so right Dee that this doesn't really apply to me....after all I wouldn't need magic, just a walk to my closet....I've got a dress just like that one!!!
    It's going to be a little hectic later as we're having guests for Christmas Eve including one that both of us are hoping we can talk into staying for the night after all the straight guests have gone!!!
    I've got to start hanging Mistletoe strategically around the house at waist height!!!
    So in case I don't get a chance....Merry Christmas Dee to you and all of yours!!!
    Love and Kisses

    1. We'll be visiting some family and some friends tonight (Christmas Eve) as well.

      Mistletoe and camel toe should be around the same height, I agree!

      You have a Merry Christmas too, but remember to drop by around Boxing Day for the last 2 Christmas captions as well.

  2. And what about little Larry in big tim's body? Probably twist his back trying to make the best use of the super size equipment.

  3. First time commenter, long time reader.

    I felt like I just had to break the silence with this caption though. It's sublime! First off, the image selection is perfect. The dress and all those ribbons is utterly delightfully, not to mention the way she's holding up her skirt, ready to show off that tiny little prick beneath her petticoats.

    Second off, I'm a sucker for revenge stories and this sort of monkey-paw scenario is close enough to win me over on those grounds.

    Finally, I love, LOVE, *LOVE* the way you can see the mental changes start to take effect. From being surprised at being in the dress, to aroused at how her new body feels, to the arousal and submission to Dee.

    It's fantastic!

    --Dee-lighted Anonymous User

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know that you enjoyed the hell out of this cap.

      I was quite happy with it, and when you find a picture like this, it does so much to stimulate the mind and come up with a good story to enhance it. Wish I actually had more pictures of the set, but alas, that was the only one I found.

      Glad to see visitors make themselves known now and again. Gives me more of an idea of what people like to see, as opposed to randomly guessing that each caption I post will be liked fair enough.

    2. You know, I honestly never thought that you were writing these captions *for* somebody. I always just figured that you had some images, or a short story that you wanted to work with and started from there.

      What does your workflow generally look like; how do you figure out which caption you want to make on any given day?

      --Dee-lighted Anonymous User

    3. I might expand upon this in a future posting to this blog.

      Most of the captions, 90+ percent I would venture, are created for other people, usually those trading captions on Rachel's Haven, a TG website where I am one of the admins. They have their own preferences and I try to create captions I think they will like based on those preferences and what I've seen them like before.

      I also will make captions occasionally for regular commenters who have become friendly with me, like Sissy Kaaren, Leeanne, Ian and Joanna.

      Anything with the label "blog exclusive" is something I wrote specifically for here, or when making a caption for someone else, the story got away from me and gave me a plot that didn't fit the person I was originally writing it for.

      I don't want this comment to run long, so I'll try to follow up with an official post sometime early next year.

  4. Unnnf~ I just can't help but keep coming (cumming?) back to this caption. It's just so gosh-darn perfect!

    1. A month later and it is still generating some good views. Glad I was able to connect to your deepest fantasies! It's the Christmas caption that keeps giving throughout the rest of the year!

    2. Mmm, definitely the most unexpected (but wonderful) Christmas gift last year. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you make some more captions like this in 2018! The mental shift from buff stud to squirming sissy, the small penis humiliation, that absolutely sissy-way he messes up his panties and that lovely outfit are all too perfect!

      Great job~