Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Gender Change Hasn't Altered the Family Dynamic at Christmas, Has It?

Yeah, I went and wrote another X-mas one .. and I might have to double up one night as well!

Wasn't planning on making any more Christmas captions but I saw this online and knew I had to make Wendygirl a quickie caption. Grandma's quote was pretty much the first thing I thought of and wrote my way through it accordingly, and it goes with Wendy's penchant for nudity quite well!

As I said above, I might have miscounted the amount of Christmas captions I have, or the "when" of how I post captions in general. I tend to post at night, with them being up for those who do their web surfing late at night, but they usually are posted with the knowledge that most will see them in the morning .. or in the afternoon/evening for those in Europe.

We are getting to the point where most of the ones left to post, I really like them .. and have a feeling that most readers will enjoy them too. I think I am going to have to plot out which will be the Christmas Eve caption, the Christmas Day caption, and then fill in the rest of the nights that way. Who knows .. I might have to double up one night. Any particular day you'd like to see a double shot of Christmas captions? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to tell me about any weird ass Christmas traditions your family follows that might seem weird to others.

Here's a special treat for everyone. It's a Jim Henson Christmas Special from the late 80's that will never happen again .. it has most of his creations all together .. Fraggles, Sesame St. Characters and all the Muppets. I remember this from when I was younger, and I started crying when I saw Jim near the end of the special. If you've got 48 minutes to spare, please do watch it, because it's worth it!


  1. Wendy should get a few sherries into Grandma and they can flash together. Why do they have to talk about periods? Thats put me right of the cranberry sauce!
    I can't think we really had any tradition. Maybe we all had to stir the Christmas cake mix and make a wish. And for some reason Dad was in charge of icing said cake. He would emerge from a thick cloud of icing sugar and we all got to eat the leftover marzipan.

    1. That certainly sounds like a tradition to me!

      For some reason, my grandmother on my mom's side always put an orange in our stocking. Not sure if that was a traditional thing or she felt guilty of leaving so much candy in there that she needed to balance out the nutritional level or something like that.

    2. Well maybe that was a treat back in the day. My dad used to say "i never even saw a orange or a banana until the end of rationing!" which i think was in the early 50s.