Sunday, October 15, 2017

Gallagher Would Be Envious of Those Melons!

Had a hard time coming up with a title that wouldn't spoil the whole caption, but this is punchy!

.. as in a watermelon punch. Yeah!

Made this for Jackie Blue, whom I haven't captioned for a number of years. She's back now in the trading area, so I figured I would make something for her by the end of the year. That time was now .. once I found this source photo. I used an idea like this quite a while ago, perhaps 9-10 years or so? Let me check!

OK, it was June of 2008, and let me see if I can find a posting of it here on the blog. CLICK HERE for the REALLY old caption! The basis was that as every Chinese restaurant has typos on the menu, this time, those mistakes would change the person eating it.

This time around, I thought what about food that deals more with innuendo and word associations with body parts .. or in the long run, anything that could cause a transformation. I mean, there is nothing saying that people who eat pork won't turn into a pig, or drink a milkshake and turn into a hucow or a milkshake ass or eat monkey bread and become a chimpanzee. Just make sure you don't order an S.O.S. aka "shit on a shingle" at that diner! Anyway, I thought of a title and "You Are What You Eat" seemed like a good name for the restaurant.

I hope it wasn't distracting to you readers that the waiter seemed to be shouting. I REALLY didn't want to introduce a 3rd color for the dialog, and it is always perilous to add yet another voice. However, I felt it necessary to show which plates they were eating (and allude to the outcome of the evening, aka gender swap for both, or at least some sort of body parts shift) and usually announce the plates they are serving to make sure the right person gets it. Seemed like the most natural way to flesh all that out without pointlessly 'radio broadcasting' the exposition. I made the waiter forceful enough to compel her to sit down, and that hopefully came through with the ALL CAPS dialog for him.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So what would YOU order at "You Are What You Eat"  and how would it change you? That is one of the great things about cuisine is the naming of dishes and regional variations that keep the funky names alive! So for a few examples, eating a Po'boy could turn a woman into a Huck Finn type of teenage boy carrying a bindle. Trying to cut down on your alcohol consumption? Make sure you don't order a Shirley Temple, or you won't be able to legally drink for another 16 years or so, plus all those annoying hair curls and ruffled underwear! Tell the waiter what you'd like for dinner, down in the comments section!


  1. Love this caption. it a great idea. Its a bit worrying i fried up some mince meat for my diner. (Things could get painful!}
    Think I had better order a large Salami.

  2. I like the word-play (of course I like the word play) aspect of this caption! Alas, I lack the ability to think about orders at such a restaurant.

    For someone who enjoys puns and playing with words as much as I do it is amazing how awful I am at it!