Sunday, April 9, 2017

Woke Up Feeling Hot .. And Asian? + There Can Only Be ONE Queen!

You get TWO "Race Change" TG Captions for the price of ONE blog posting. What a bargain!

We have a relative newbie at the Haven named Gwen, and she really likes race changes. I had the Asian photograph on my hard drive for a week or two and was trying to figure out a way to use it .. and this seemed as good a way as any. I am always wary of going overboard when it comes to racial stereotypes .. the last thing I want to do is commit artistic blackface .. even if it is requested as a way of being embarrassed about their behavior.

So for this caption, and the next one that was also for Gwen, I went with a more playful, tongue in cheek style that hopefully still gets the job done.

In this one, I have hopefully implied that Gwen WANTED to be turned into a black woman, or at least enjoyed it after it actually happened to her. This one is just pure silliness for silliness sake, because as I had written in her folder:
I wasn't planning on making you another caption so quickly, but I saw this one in your folder, and the way they all were lined up, plus the crowns on their heads, made me think of an old music video referenced in the caption itself. It is certainly better than ripping off Lady (Radio) Gaga. 
Hope you enjoy this silly caption that was made to just bring a smile to the face, and perhaps a punning groan to the lips.
 I just couldn't help it. I saw the picture, saw this picture in my head ..

and went "bohemian rap-city!" Brilliant! Yeah, I'll be back in a few days .. hopefully so will you!\

Well, I tried to get the Live version with Tony Iommi playing with Queen to keep up the Sabbatical, but Youtube kept blocking me. I guess the original will have to do .. not a big deal though, as Iommi and Queen were very good friends.

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  1. Two fun captions. And no toes stepped on. i do expect that if you cared to look closely many captions perhaps fall in to some stereotype or another. racial as most black characters talk gang talk. the dumb evil, cheating man. sex crazed bimbos, revengeful women, the campiest of gay men. of course its all part of fetish fantasy or wishful thinking/hope and in most cases they turn out the victor. So harmless fun?