Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Charmed to Finally Meet You .. I See You Already Know My Wife in the Biblical Sense.

So THAT is what that word really means! Damn right-wing news websites are using it wrong!

Of course they are. Most cucks, well at least the sissy cucks that drop by MY SITE, are happy that their wives are getting pleasure from large cocks, something they apparently don't mind appreciating as well, at least from what I read elsewhere.

There must also be some sort of other allure to it. I mean the word cuck is really CLOSE to cock. Perhaps somewhere in the formation of the word, it meant to be knocked out by someone with a bigger cock or overwhelmed? Maybe I'm just grasping for straws, which are also like sissies .. they are made for sucking. ZING!

Anyway, made this one for the pleasure of Sissy Kaaren and many of her readers. I get to still make appearances there, usually as Kaaren's therapist. It is always fun when I find a new 'chapter' in our relationship there. I still don't quite get the whole cuckolding thing, and can definitely see many of the pit holes that I bet many of the couples can fall into, so making captions like this will hopefully make my head spin less each time I visit a site like hers.

And I thought of this picture as a cuck caption from the very start. The mirror gave me the initial idea, and the model helped bring it forward too. Wasn't quite what I have in mind with Kaaren, so I made the husband's name Tink .. and obvious nod to a character that is youthful, petite, girlish, and seems innocent, when in fact, she definitely is not! Well, Kaaren CAN be all those things, but I think of her as a worldlier sort of person. Tink here is obviously still learning the ropes of a marriage, and especially THIS sort of marriage. The other reason I loved 'Tink' for this is that it is also a teasing type of name, perhaps when he was young he was dressed up by a sister or mother as Tinkerbell, or just the name itself has been used as a euphemism for effeminate gay men over the years. At that moment, her husband definitely isn't a man, and she wishes to remind him of that.

And that is the style of playful humiliation that I prefer to see in captions dealing with this topic. For those who want it darker, there are tons of stories out there for you. To me, it can be cruelty for the sake of being nasty. There needs to be redeeming qualities in each of the participants for me to care in the slightest .. otherwise its a pathetic sissy boy loser who is taken advantage by his horny, shrew wife and a jackass of a guy who most likely is already winning big time in life by being an asshole to everyone without consequences. Each time I see something like that, I root for the ending to be the sissy detonating a bomb underneath their house so they all die. Or at least gardening shears to asshole's crotch. I will settle for whichever one fits the needs of the story better!

Hmmm, where was I? Oh yeah. Nothing like some fun banter between characters in my captions. Each has their role in the plot, and they inhabit those whims of fate to the fullest. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did in creating it.

So, what do people want to see next? A doctor's office caption or something something mermaids?


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    1. Glad you enjoyed! and I thank you for continuing to stop by even when my output has slowed down. It's much appreciated.

  2. Well it takes all sorts when it comes to fetish. To use a great Yorkshire saying "There's now't as queer as folk!" (translation Now't = nothing).

    1. Yeah, I've become really open over the last few years when it's come to fetishes, and how they are fine as long as they don't hurt anyone (unless they want some pain.)

      As I've mentioned before, it probably comes down to having boundaries and not compromising the relationship for a cheap thrill that could turn disastrous afterwards.

  3. Dee, thanks so much for allowing me to "guest star" on your blog!!!
    There are many types of cuckold relationships and there is a real difficulty in finding the right balance that keeps the couple together. I'd guess that many more fail than succeed. Honesty is the secrets....lay it all out and set the boundaries and adhere to them.
    I also read the "Evil wife cucks sub husband" type and as a fantasy they can sometimes be fun especially to a sub like me....but could I live in a relationship like that.....I don't think so...
    So we have regular married couple things we do even though I'm wearing panties and 99% of the time I'm "caged". We have friends who have no idea that our lifestyle is any different from theirs!
    Do I enjoy being humiliated sometimes.....oh yes I do!!! Would she do it to harm me in some way....I think I can safely say she'd never even consider it!!
    I'd like to write more but I have a roast in the oven and I have to change into something pretty to have dinner.
    Thanks again for the cap....I'll show it to her later...she's becoming a fan of yours!!!

    1. Hearing things like that, Kaaren, are what makes me even more curious .. that your friends don't necessarily have a clue about what you two do in your own home. Then again, perhaps they are doing the same thing? Wouldn't THAT be a hoot?

      Or the mundane things. I have a daughter that I've trained to at least call to let us know she's coming by for food or money or to drop in and say hi. It makes me wonder how you two can cope with some of what could be considered sit com tropes like that.

      And the "Mistress of your House" enjoys my work? I am extremely flattered that she likes what I do, but even more that you felt OK with sharing something here in a fantasy realm with a real part of your everyday life .. thank you both for expanding my horizons and what would be forbidden knowledge to most because it is so personal.