Wednesday, January 4, 2017

One Good Leg to Stand On .. at a Time!

Just be glad she aren't going to look like Divine at the end of this transformation!

Please read the caption first so spoilers won't fuck you up, YO!

This is what I had to say in the original post I made for Jezebel:
I saw this picture and ummm, I had a weird thought that I had to write up for you. Not sure how many times this methodology has been used in a TG caption, but i'm sure it has only been a few times at most. Having the photo setting be during the transformation as it is happening usually brings it up a notch for me too. 
It's a wink and a nod sort of caption, and those can be fun to write, but I hope the joy comes through when you read this one as well!
I am guessing that the model's pose in the caption reminded me of Suzanne Somers' in the intro to "Three's Company" where she sees flamingos .. and from there I was off to the races. Especially since the girl in the photo was pretty damn skinny with long features.  Took me a few minutes to write it up, and I worked my way backwards through the story since I had the zinger from the start.

Just a fun caption for a fun girl, and I'm glad that others agreed. As per Jinny herself, "That is great! Loved reading it and loved that it was during the change. That and the nod to the pose was done perfectly. Fun fun cap. Thank you so very much Dee. Flamingo Hugs!" Kelly (sp2000) chipped in with, "Awesome use of the pic here, wonderfully clever cap." While JIllisa wanted to go all vaudville on my ass with, "/prepares comical oversize hook to pull Dee off the stage."

I'll bear those slings and arrows for a neat little caption that supplies its own rim shot. I just go wherever my muse takes me, and apparently she was in the mood for weird transformations.

Back in a day or two, most likely with the Top 10 of 2016. Just haven't had time to finish out the first half of the year yet in review. Luckily with what little time I've had, I've been productive enough to keep being able to post new content here. See you soon!

Please check out the last post as well. I think there is a discussion there that could use more comments. Any replies would be greatly appreciated and feel free to comment here too!


  1. Those damn Flamingos!!!! Just be grateful it wasn't Pandas....damn I hate those Pandas.....when your species is simply too lazy to reproduce what's the point of being so goddamned cuddly and cute!!!

    1. I think pandas are quite set in their ways, mostly because they see things strictly in black and white.

  2. I have to admit, I expected Manfred Man's "Pretty Flamingo" as a musical intermezzo for this lovely cap. As for Divine, Jinny is hardly going to "Walk like a man" with legs like that ;)

    1. I do not know of that song, though I have heard of Manfred Mann, most due to "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" and the cover of a Springsteen song where he sounds like he's saying "Douche" instead of Deuce.

      Have to admit, The Trashmen do have my style of music down pat!

  3. Dee.. it wasn't Suzanne in three's company with that pose.. it was a later blonde, Priscilla Barnes....

    1. Doh! I might have to take a remedial Pop Culture class to brush up on Jumping the Shark moments! Professor Ted McGinley, where are you?

      And Priscilla Barnes was much better than the original replacement for Chrissy, Jenilee Harrison. Also, I would usually watch Three's Company mostly to look at Janet's legs. Mmm, Yummy!