Monday, January 2, 2017

John's First Lingerie Lesson .. as Wendy!

Sometimes, you have to do the dirty work and explain why you feel a certain way about things!

Or you can put your husband in lingerie because it's a complete power trip and sexual turn on to see him with a cunny and big tits just gushing about how sexy he feels.

Either way works for me! As per what I wrote in Wendygirl's post to her trading folder: I've written a few captions that are like these because I really think that putting ourselves in another person's shoes does break down barriers between people and make us more understanding of each other. Human sexuality does affect each sex in a different way and once we figure that out, the skies the limit!

Most men aren't taught to share their feelings, even with those close to them. It could be a sign of weakness to do so, open up the vulnerabilities to someone that could exploit them later on, or they might not even be able to produce the words to give voice to what they are experiencing.

It seems that we are almost set up to engage in conflict biologically, though a lack of understanding, compassion, and social cues that cast aspersions on the traits of both sexes. As if acting like a stereotypical "male" or "female" is wrong or right .. and worse yet that we should never be able to understand each other more than on a superficial level.

To me, it is just another part of why I love TG captions and stories (TF and AR too!) because no two people can have the exact same perspective, and what we see and perceive is what we are essentially. What are other's lives like? If I lived their average day, what would make it different for me? What mundane part of a routine would I find exciting or exhilarating? Would I think just like them if I was them for a few days or would my thoughts make "them" do different things? Do they have compulsions or is it free will or some combination of the both? Do others out there think like this, or is it something that has never crossed your mind?

Please feel free to talk about this caption above, ore many of the questions I've pondered in the last paragraph. I find it very interesting and wish to see how others feel about it. Maybe we could come up with a set of "what I'd like to experience if I became (a) my wife/girlfriend (b) young woman, (c) sissy (d) random neighbor ..." and see what kind of event we'd like to have in each scenario. I posted this tonight because I tend to get the most comments / hits on a Sunday or Monday so this seems like the best time to have real discussions in the comment section. I'll even promise to respond to each and every one I get below!


  1. Well another one that could take along while to go through all possibilities.
    I Think if my mind was put whole and untamperd into another body then i would have to be the same person eg education, fear, prejudice etc. it would only be from that point on wards that
    i would divulge from my unchanged life depending on the body( and life situation) i was put into. as a 50 y/o plus man i guess i am set in my ways and do not learn much new each day
    but say i was put into a young buxom blonde female then i think i would have to adapt.
    maybe the unquenchable female hormone caption love might effect me and i am sure others social expectation from others would be different. but other things would be under my control. i could cut my hair dye it black dress to hide figure etc. or of course i could go all out and try to leave the female life just( for research ) i am not if sure it would change sexual preference???
    now if by mind was changed as well then things could get complicated it might depend if i hand old memories but given compulsions to act a certain way (and my previous prejudice of those acts if any) if i had no memory of before then i guess i might assume i had always been that way and not be bothered. lots more ins and outs but lets leave it there for now.

    1. Right. but even what was a mundane day for you, might be interesting to someone without your experiences.

      For instance, If a 20 year old woman inhabited your body, the act of seeing a hot girl bending over in a shirt and heels might be normal for you, but the reactions she'd be feeling .. arousal, ideas of what you would do to that girl sexually if she was interested, the physiology of having an erection .. then dealing with the pleasure and/or discomfort of it tenting inside your pants, then trying to ignore the dstractions and get on with your business, etc ...

      The feeling of a short woman being in a room filled with tall people might not be an issue for her, but if you were in her place, it might disorient you and overwhelm you.

  2. I rhink suddenly seeing the world through different eyes with different sensations coursing through you constantly would be almost too much to take!!! Reaching up for something you put on a shelf yesterday and not being able to reach it you said would be disorienting...
    Your entire interaction with the world around you suddenly changing might be too much for someone to handle!!!!
    I wouldn't mind trying it though!!!! You know,,,,just as an experiment....there are some things I'd really love to experience for myself!!!!

    1. Right. I don't think I really want to be anything forever. I would love to just experience being a whole different bunch of people and even some animals as long as I was safe to return to myself at the end of the experiment.