Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rocco Puts the Ass in Assassin! .. and the DIY Challenge for December 2016!

The Sopranos would've been more interesting if the wise guys truly turned INTO sopranos!

Anyway, I have posted this caption before, back in 2011, but it didn't get any comments back then, so I figured "why not repeat it?" since I thought it was a quick, fun caption to read and write. Maybe because the picture is in black and white, people weren't as into it perhaps?

Not a biggie either way. Hoping some of the new readers here haven't seen it and that it might tickle their fancy. I know it can be hard to wade through this blog when there are 1155 posts available.

And now, to the DIY Challenge for December 2016. Wanted to give everyone a gift in not having to use the picture provided .. and spare everyone the Christmas caption / New Year's Eve topics that have been covered so many times before. I am wondering though if the Mayans didn't carry a "2" somewhere though and were just a few years off when they predicted 2012 for the end times.

That's right. I want you to construct a caption based on the upcoming Armageddon. With all the celebrities dying this year, along with the election of Senior Cheeto Head and the Brexit situation .. it seems obvious we are in the process of mass extinction in the near future. I want YOU to figure out what happens when impending doom is coming our way, or if you accidentally triggered it yourself .. all in a TG caption way of course!

DEATH COMET is coming, so why not buy a magic potion to change yourself into a bimbo so you won't worry about the obliteration of mankind? Maybe you've discovered some rare earth metal that makes you a female superhero who is able to fix climate change by installing an earth umbrella. Could all those Christian science fiction novels be true, and we are in the end times? Is there a cult that doesn't believe in Nike shoes, sweat suits, and castration is the way to rapture, but instead focus on high heels, LBD's and she-male cock? Well, you tell us!

Use any pictures you want, and you can take up to 5 panels to tell the story. Try not to reuse photos from panel to panel. The deadline is two weeks from now, Thursday, December 29 at midnight PST. You can email them to me, or leave them in my Trading Folder with "DIY for Dec 2016" in the title so I know it isn't a trading caption. Would love to see some creative minds craft some good stuff!

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  1. Fun cap! Love the find of the Tammy Gun.
    Hmm, an Armageddon themed cap, interesting, I hope I have the time to create one. I made only very few of them, but they were fun to write.