Wednesday, November 23, 2016

No Indians for Thanksgiving This Year, but There's a Jillgrim on the Menu!

I was able to get her a "Goodman" to share his man gravy and giblets.

I knew I wanted to make a blog caption for Thanksgiving this year, and running it through my head, I thought of a cute little "jillgrim" in full costume. Since we have a cute little Jillisa in the Haven, I figured it would work well to make the caption for her.

Typing "sexy pilgrim" into Google got me tons of results, and in fact got me both a male and female for the caption. At first I thought that it would be a horrendous Thanksgiving play put on by a college, where the guy would actually be dressed up like a Roman Centurion .. but on Thanksgiving Day, the two biggest social events are parades and football games, so I figured it would be prudent to put those things together.

The election is still dwelling around the surface of my brain, and how one half of our country thinks. I wanted to work with that a bit too, and have Jill submitting in a traditional way .. what I thought was a great thing to tie into a holiday that is brimming with traditions, even if they aren't politically correct in today's society.  Just because I don't believe in another viewpoint doesn't mean I can't understand where they are coming from. So a "women should be taking care of the house and raising kids while the man works to support his loving family" sort of submissive role can seem desirable, no matter how quaint it can seem.

DIY Challenge for November 2016

This week is Thanksgiving week, which will immediately proceed the commercial hell of Black Friday. What challenge do I have for you for the rest of November? It is not a caption to be made. I know that I am not the only TG website you visit. Even though I never think I get enough comments, I am luckier than 95 percent of the creators to get the feedback that I do, and I am grateful for that.

My challenge to you .. each and every reader of this blog. Go out to all of your "regular TG haunts" online .. and THANK the creators for the time and effort they put into entertaining you. Just a simple little note; you don't have to put yourself out, but tell them something to let them know you appreciate what they do. How you were going through a rough time and their work made you laugh, made you smile, made you horny, made you feel like you belong. Even a simple "Thank you for all that you do here. Keep up the good work."

The deadline is 12 midnight PST on November 30th, but honestly, when it comes to this, do it now, and do it often. Just one per site per day will make someone's week or even month! Thank the sites that are my list to the left, or give thanks to those I might not have seen yet. Hell, tell me about some of the places you enjoy in the comments below, Maybe sharing them will boost their page views and expose them to people who didn't know about them before. Don't be a turkey! Give thanks!

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