Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Looking Backwards .. Looking Forward to Whatever Comes My Way!

Going to make damn sure I end this year much better than how I started it. Come inside Sweetie!

Yup, this is a repost. You can view the original posting by clicking on THIS HERE as it explains the plot behind it and how it was created. Why am I posting it again? Well, first off, I like the storyline and the actual writing as well. The main reason is this .. I have a total of 18 posts with no comments, and 10 of them are from this year, with 7 from after June 2016 .. this one included.

So, what's the biggie? Well, I can understand why a few have been ignored .. they suck or were just filler giving information that wasn't interesting to most people after a day or two. But dammit, some of the captions should have triggered something in a reader. Soooooo, here comes an offer I hope that no one can refuse. Comment on one of the zero comment posts, which you can find by clicking HERE or by clicking on "Zero Post" in the "Deetails and Entrails" section in the left hand column. Anything more cogent than "ME LIKEY BIG TIME!" should be the tipping point of effort on your part. (PLEASE NOTE that it won't show up right away, as any comment on a post more than 7 days old needs me to approve it. I will do so as soon as I see it posted.) Come back here and comment here on which caption you commented on AND ...

I will put you into ANY caption I've made here since the beginning of 2013. You can pick something earlier, but I cannot guarantee that I still have the Photoshop file to modify it to your specs. One comment per zero post per person .. until December 1. Then anything left is 1st come, first serve.

What should your comment look like so I have all the information I need? Well, here's a sample!
I made a comment on "Happy Birthday Jillisa .. Class of '16' Candles!" posted July 21, 2016. I would like to be the star of "I Got the Idea From Youtube, Right? and my names are Wendall/Wanda. Could you make my sister's name Stella in there too?
Easier than buying a pie in a bakery! I will be posting the "remixes" in this post so that readers won't be confused as to new captions versus captions starring new people. Let's wipe out this scourge of empty comments here on the blog .. and remember to thank other bloggers as part of the DIY Challenge for November 2016!

Here's the first remix/redux for Alexis!

Brittany chose what is probably the most popular caption I've ever made.


  1. Hi Dee, I posted on 85 percent isn't enough that was posted on August 27 of this year. I'd lIke to be the bride in Pressing the Buttons, and Your Luck, at the Casino! My names are Alex and Alexis. I don't have any preferences to the other lovely ladies that will be joining me.
    Some good caps in zero comments. Can't believe I missed them.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I will post the redux for you within the next day or two. Hopefully when I get home from work, I'll be installing a new video card for the computer, so after that, I'll get to work on it for you.

    2. Thanks for including me.

  2. I enjoy alot of your captions, this one included. Unfortunately, I more of the lurker type and tend to , shy away from commenting. But, I have been following your blog quite some time(2010 or so) and I have to say you're one of the best at image selection.

    1. Thank you very much! I can definitely understand being shy, even online where you hope that you can just blend in and be anonymous.