Sunday, November 27, 2016

Catch a Cold .. or Catch the bouquet!

Sometimes a person updating their preferences can spark a idea that works well in a caption.

Made this for Erin, whose caption blog is in the left hand column, as I was wandering through the latest posts. She had updated her preferences and that made me curious. She had posted this:
The mercury is dropping and so are my panties? Well that's up to you! Here are some winter-related captions that I might enjoy. 
*Lots of layers might make it easier to crossdress...
*Stuck outside in a magical blizzard
*Stuck outside in a realistic blizzard. Maybe I get frostbite in a few places?
*Secret Santa related mixup? Maybe a Yankee Swap where I get stuck with some girly gift?
 I had a photo saved that I thought was great, but hadn't really had a idea worthy of it, other than a wedding theme. No one wears an outfit like that to their wedding though. Reading Erin's preferences, I remembered this picture and pulled it back up into photoshop. For this caption, I wanted to be a bit more subtle and frame the story around the new preferences. Maybe a few years ago, I'd have gone over the top, and trust me, I still can, but not on this one. A little goes a long way, and just having a snow storm trigger change in feelings was good enough for me.

The ice blue font goes along with that, but honestly, it looked the best when overlaid on the photo. I tried a light rose color but it often bled into the picture.

Glad to see that some people have come back from being away. It is interesting only having 1 of the last four posts hit 1k page views, though the Jillgrim one is only 100 away. I think the temperate weather is also helping to keep people out and about. Anyway, I am happy that people know I'm here and are coming back for more. Only a few spots available on the Black Friday caption offer!

DIY Challenge for November 2016

This week is Thanksgiving week, which will immediately proceed the commercial hell of Black Friday. What challenge do I have for you for the rest of November? It is not a caption to be made. I know that I am not the only TG website you visit. Even though I never think I get enough comments, I am luckier than 95 percent of the creators to get the feedback that I do, and I am grateful for that.

My challenge to you .. each and every reader of this blog. Go out to all of your "regular TG haunts" online .. and THANK the creators for the time and effort they put into entertaining you. Just a simple little note; you don't have to put yourself out, but tell them something to let them know you appreciate what they do. How you were going through a rough time and their work made you laugh, made you smile, made you horny, made you feel like you belong. Even a simple "Thank you for all that you do here. Keep up the good work."

The deadline is 12 midnight PST on November 30th, but honestly, when it comes to this, do it now, and do it often. Just one per site per day will make someone's week or even month! Thank the sites that are my list to the left, or give thanks to those I might not have seen yet. Hell, tell me about some of the places you enjoy in the comments below, Maybe sharing them will boost their page views and expose them to people who didn't know about them before. Don't be a turkey! Give thanks!


  1. I love it. So sweet, and so affirming. :)

  2. Love, love, love!!!!

    Thanks for the caption Dee! Sweet and loving caption. Great work matching the words to the image. I like how "a woman..." portion is split by the body.

    1. So happy you enjoyed it! Weird to see that you saw it here before you saw it on the haven! That doesn't happen too often!

  3. Lovely caption.
    As per usual i thought of a way to lower the tone. but as as i am feeling all loved up now
    i won't.

    1. We know you like the gutter! Sometimes we have to drift into the clouds, but both are legitimate options!