Saturday, October 15, 2016

HOW Many More Years of School Do We Have Left?Uggh.

Live and learn, Or live, learn, and then have to relearn because the old you didn't learn it.

Whipped this together this morning as a stopgap posting for tonight, as I plan on having a longer post on Sunday night. I saw the picture and thought about how graduating as girls would transfer over into being a college student. I mean, you have a ton of transcripts, applications, and then there is the actual diploma. It would certainly take a whole lot of powerful magic to overturn all that legal paperwork and the memories of hundreds of peripheral people.

So there is the dilemma facing the boys. Stay girls and go to college and have a good life, or start over again in the middle of an awkward age AND navigate once again through High School. I can tell you which one I would probably take, but once again I'm not trustworthy since I run a TG caption blog .. I am possibly the slightest bit biased, don't you think?


  1. High school was way I'd want to do that again!!!! Although I might consider it if I could keep the clothes and makeup...but then I run a Sissy blog so I'm a little biased too!!!!

  2. Great caption! Quite the dilemma! You can have your old body back, at the expense of four more years of tedium!