Sunday, October 16, 2016

*cue Jesse Ventura voice* It's a Conspiracy!

Beware of Area 52! The restaurants in Area 69 are really good though if you like to eat out!

Interesting thing about tonight's post is this .. about an hour ago, I was going to make up a post using a different caption. However, I checked my trading folder and had received a few new captions. Made one for Brittany but also noticed I owed one to Jay Seaver. He happened to have a folder where he puts pictures that he hasn't been able to use somehow and leaves them there instead of clogging up his hard drive. While drifting through it, I found this one that piqued my fancy, if you will.

Once I figured out that some Area 51 / Roswell angle would be the best route, I had LOTS of fun making this one. Trying to have some grizzled, thoughtful words coming out of THAT body just had me chuckling. I honestly had to reel it in quite a bit as he would have had decades to learn how to tone it down, but coming into contact with a possibly military man brought it back out of him. I also like how that guy tried to draw the colonel out. Just some interplay that isn't quite flirtation, but more likely banter between someone that respects the colonel and is trying to impress him.

And as to what the conspiracy is? How the hell do I know? I don't have an aluminum foil dress or heels and I don't care, other than whatever happened induced a gender change that also slowed down aging .. or had rejuvenating capabilities. If you care so much, head on down to Roswell and live in Colonel Seaver's camper for a bit. You'll get first hand knowledge soon enough I'm sure!

Tune in next time when I'll have a DIY fvor October posted. Feel free to discuss this caption, and what actually happened before we met Colonel Seaver. Also, if you have an idea for the DIY, please submit it as well. I am not really sure exactly what I want to do with it yet.

I was so psyched when I caught him on tour about 2 months ago. He did this song live.


  1. When Colonel Seaver reached the crash site the alien craft was still mostly intact!!! As the HazMAt team pulled the alien corpse from the wreckage Colonel Seaver felt a strange sensation come over him....almost a compulsion....several of the men nearby scattered as the Colonel pushed the pink button....
    And the rest as they say is history!!!
    Loved this one Dee!

    1. It does sort of have that Saturday Matinee feel that you do every ummm, Saturday!

      The irony is I think there is much more than just "Aliens!" involved in this. Perhaps the whole gestalt or something of X-filesian grandeur!

  2. A great caption and lots of opportunity for a back story. so the colonel has been waiting for something in the desert all these years making a living swapping precious body fluids.
    the other man knows who he is/was so maybe a researcher who has tracked him down.
    And then there is the secret trap door and the strange janitor in old man Hart's mansion?