Tuesday, May 24, 2016

No Fucks Taken, and None Given Either! Screw 'em All!

I'm sure you could think of a rich, powerful guy you'd want this done on, right?

Or do you want to be the rich, powerful guy? I bet for the right price we could take away the pain aspect of this caption, right?

I found this picture and it intrigued me, and I thought "she looks like an older version of me!" So I made myself a caption. I think I'm allowed to be a protagonist occasionally, and this time I get to be a voice of vengeance! Tre cool!

I can't say if this was influenced by my own recent living situation, which luckily has been rectified with the best possible outcome. I am sure it was on my mind however. I guess we can take inspiration from wherever it comes, and whether it is a stressful stimuli or something more pleasurable.

There will be a caption for Zoe at some point posted here, as well as the winner of the comment #4567 which is Emily/Edie ?? Haven't had the time I've really wanted to have doing captions, and after this Thursday, will be extremely limited through to the next Thursday. I think I have two new captions I haven't posted here yet, and some archived ones I could post .. I should have a more definitive schedule posted on Thursday as to when I'll be putting up posts in the next 8-10 days.

Most of Joe Jackson's work was a bit before my time, but an older friend of mine who is no longer alive introduced me to his music about 10 years ago. Never quite found a genre that fit him securely, although 80's music might encompass the style of cool he possesses. This is one of his lesser known "hits" but it is memorable, catchy and with an undercurrent of angst that often bubbles to the top, only to be swallowed up again by the musical tone of "better days ahead!"


  1. Looks a little like American Mary (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJtVBD6DlX8) - great flick although no real TG concepts in it. Lots of potential though.

  2. The song reminds of the film of the same name.Probably one the better TG films out there.

  3. An evil caption. (crosses legs and shuffles uncomfortably)
    This is the only Joe Jackson one i know. It must have been a bigger hit here than across the pond. think i still have it on a 45 but a lot of my singles got melted in a house fire many moons ago.