Friday, April 8, 2016

J'nny Jzzhblle, The Galactic Explorer!

Can you tell I was jazzed this week that the new Star Wars is out on Bluray and DVD? Yubnub!

Made this for Jezebel, as I knew that it was her type of humor, plus it IS a red-haired vixen in the picture. When I posted the caption, I had this to say about it:
I was going to be really snarky and say that you had finished your degree at the University of Kessel in only 12 parsecs but then all those bitchy and correct people would complain, so just be glad I didn't reference Itchy, Mala or Lumpy! 
I hope you like this one, as I saw the picture and thought of you having a blast on Endor. Of course, there is some fun buried for those who speak Ewok in it!
Hopefully I made a Star Warsy enough name for Jinny created, and yes, there is some Ewokese in the caption that can be translated. However, as I noted in a follow up posting when Jillisa mentioned that "It smells nerdy in here!" I said:
For those that don't speak Ewokese, there's a translator to help you.
Though it doesn't seem to translate it the way I wrote it. Damn it! Yub Nub is freedom, and Yubnub is Hooray. 
You know how hard it is to get it is to get a proofreader that knows Ewokese? JILLISA?!? I need you for a moment
So this caption is mostly a nergasm for Star Wars, but a cute one. I love the little Eowk ears on her!

One more thing I'd like to mention is that there is a website in the left=handed column called "Bending the Bookshelf" which publishes reviews about TG books online, and every Friday, there are a number of books highlighted that are FREE for those who have Kindles or use the Kindle App. You can find the site at and remember, every Friday means free TG books!

See you on Sunday!


  1. Great cap.

    Lovely, I knew this song from way back then. I just never realised it was Sarah Brightman singing. Quite a difference from her later work.

  2. i did use the translation app i think i get the gist although i cold not get a direct translation.