Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Haven Clinic for the Newly Transformed Caption Protagonist

Afflicted with TG Caption issues? Haven Clinic will provide job training, even bimbos can learn!

Made this for Felicia Hextus back about a week and a half ago, and unfortunately she still hasn't commented on this caption so I'm not sure if she likes it or not. I made mention of something in posting this to her trading folder, that this was, "Sort of a testimonial advertisement .. though I'm not sure what kind of magazine would run an ad like this .. but I'd certainly like to subscribe."

I think this might become a series for me, though I am not going to force it. Just feels like there are many more stories / advertisements for the Haven Clinic's services that need to be explored. It could be a chance to have some meta fun with the tropes and cliches that we all work into our TG creations, and possibly even ruminate on why we keep using them.

So, now the question is turned onward to you, the readers. What should I tackle next? They definitely aren't #firstworldproblems but #TGworldproblems indeed! It would have to involve something that happens in the aftermath of being changed into a girl (or sissy / shemale) that affects the protagonist in an annoying or hard to handle situation .. on that we don't usually cover in the actual caption.

For instance, the trauma caused by being transformed by a witch makes Franny scared of all witches, and the Halloween trick or treat season is coming upon us. Perhaps a guy is transformed into a French Maid but still speaks in a male, surfer dude voice! Love to see what you can come up with!

And if you can't think of anything, you can certainly say something about the caption itself! Reading stories or looking at captions that talk about the change in height/weight or how the physical changes make the protagonist's perception of reality different is thrilling for me to think about. So, if you can't think of anything for #TGworldproblems, how about talking about the caption itself?!?

Wanted to get to the actual meat of the song, and Frusciante sings it better than Keidis could!


  1. Dear tgworldproblems Ten days ago my girlfriend and i were at an all you can eat restaurant.
    we were queuing behind a very fat lady, well all i said was maybe we had better find another place to eat as there would not be any food left. darn witches no sense of humour. well a long story short, have been turn into a lady and well only ever feel full if i have ll i can eat of erm you know.. men's... well i am feeling very hungry but touching another mans... bits and putting it in my mouth and swallowing. can you help?
    rick now Vicky.

  2. Fun cap, I have to agree that there are more stories for the Haven Clinic.
    I wonder how the Haven Clinic would help a stock car racer to adjust to a new life on the tracks.

    Knowing Felicia, I'm sure she loves it. I hope she's okay though.