Sunday, March 20, 2016

Skinny Dipping in Serpent's Cove

Giving you a break from blow jobs and bondage for the night. Just awesome boobs so come inside!

Made this one for Kendall, and the picture inspired the mood, which seems slightly ominous around a gorgeous model taking a dip in the water. I am sure there were no chances of water moccasins or gators or anything, but there COULD be .. plus ritualistic cannibals or an occult serial killer collective poetry jam at the nearby Native American burial ground.

Yeah, so it isn't THAT creepy. More like the stuff of legend every town gets when it has been around for a few hundred years. Who knows why "the old folk say .." take hold. Probably something real did happen, or was thought to happen, and then it evolves and changes over time.

Which was exactly the point I was trying to make. What is one person's hell, is often someone else's sanctuary of peace and an escape from what haunts them. No one would bother Alex there, and as an abandoned place, he felt safe. Over time, the place was his friend, and each shared their secrets with the other, without judgment.

I made mention of scars, which probably were literal, and most likely from a family that didn't understand, and a society that didn't care for the unconventional. In the end, I left it somewhat vague. It could be either that she got her last surgery, and is now completely a woman, but the cove can heal even the surgical scars and make her a complete woman .. or the cove will take the last of her male parts away .. the last physical, and psychological, scar that she bears.

The last two lines could be metaphorical or literal. Take your pick. Perhaps the cove and its surroundings are mystical, and perhaps evil to some people's thinking, but it accepts Kendall as one of them. This time she'll be leaving home, but on her terms, not what anyone else forces upon her. That would be the personification of the area itself, names after a serpent. Or perhaps the last traces of her maleness feed the grounds and keep it alive. The serpent could also refer to the masculinity of the water, and snakes certainly are phallic. Perhaps mother nature might impregnate her.

I am having a hard time explaining because all those thoughts did roam around in my head, and I tried to balance it so most of those ideas could be valid, and also many other situations I hadn't, but I can just say that whatever you see in the caption is probably right on track. I just hope that you DO get something out of it, otherwise it's just a naked chick in a swamp. Tell me what YOU see!


  1. Loved the caption!
    My original interpretation was that the water was magically the source of the change, but I liked the idea of the magic healing the scars of surgery and making Her whole.
    Fun possibilities!

    1. This caption pretty much took off on its own as I was writing it.

      I think the water helped push her that way towards the change, though it was probably inside her all along, and it saw that and helped cultivate it.

      The cove first started healing her scars when they were physical ones, the welts from the belt his father used, and the beatings the kids at school gave him. That is why I liked the ending where they continued to heal the scars, but they were "happy" scars if that is an actual thing.

      I am so glad you liked it. I wasn't quite sure how it would be received. It isn't quite a standard caption.

  2. Wonderful cap. Indeed an intriguing idea of water healing the pain and the scars, instead of it being the source of the change.

    1. The cove is her protector. I wouldn't be surprised if it took "Action" against her enemies if they tried to follow her there. When you are young, you take refuge wherever you can find it, even if it seems disturbing or ghetto to others.

      And besides, they say humans are 70 percent water. So, in with the good water, and out with the bad!