Tuesday, March 22, 2016

No Cake for You! The Big Birthday Surprise!

A good gift takes time to create a masterpiece!

This is a filler caption I made the other day. I was supposed to post last night but there is a personal issue going on right now that is going to take me away from the blog for a few days most likely.

Hopefully this will all be taken care of by Friday morning. If I do get a chance to post before then, it'll be another one like this, just to make sure people keep coming back.

I am healthy and no one close to me is hurt or anything like that. It isn't a good situation but hopefully my family will come out of this in a better position.

One good bit of news is that we just hit 4500 comments! Way to go everyone!


  1. LOL - so glad you went there with the frosting bit!

  2. Hilarious cap. There are probably a lot of people around here who would like to do this to their bosses, I know I would.

    Antarctica? They have penguins down there don't they?

    Whatever the situation you have, I wish you good luck with it.