Monday, February 8, 2016

Wash the Evil Away!

Not the kind of Gothic you were expecting, I bet! Read the caption first!

Made this one a week or two ago and .. I really like it for a multitude of reasons. I can also understand why many people reading here will go .. "ummm, that certainly is something, but what the fuck, Dee?" and hey, I can feel for you, especially if you are here for some TG escapism.  That is the ever lurking danger here though on this blog, that at any point I might just pull the rug out from underneath your strappy heels.

When I saw the picture, I knew I could sink my teeth into it and get something more than just some quickie out of it. I also knew that it not be a trade, and that for all intents, it would star me as the girl in the tub. I wouldn't feel comfortable placing anyone else in that role. Like the featured caption in the left column up near the top "Breaking Through The Endless Cycle," this one is another in a sense that this is probably more true than we ever want it to be.

The picture just gave me this old Gothic movie chiller feel, like from the late 60's early 70's post Hammer psycho-sexual horror movies, that really get you more with the ambiance and settings, odd characters and dark mood more than actual gore. The monsters are the actual people themselves, which makes it seem even more realistic. Films like the Wicker Man or Susperia or The Brood.

Right from the start, I had "wash the evil away" in my mind, and it was obvious that the evil = black, with the nails, the makeup, and possibly some hair dye, that was dark at the roots, then dyed blond, then probably temporary dye to cover up the blond again.

From there, it became another sort of 'Auntie' caption taken to an extreme end. In it, we find that what is good and what is evil is all a matter of perception, and the damage of imparting that delineation upon another can do. Most people can only be pushed so far, and then they will snap, and justify it however it will get them through the night.

I hope my words will justify her actions, and possibly make you uncomfortable. Hell, I hope the whole thing is disorienting. it will have done it's job if it did. I wanted it to be passionate and emotionally powerful. A soul that has been pushed to the brink, in a fight for survival.

Not exactly a relaxing bubble bath, now is it?

I remember finding this single in a box of 45's my parents had. God, what an awesome and cheesy song! They don't make songs like this anymore, do they?

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Since it's a blog exclusive, please leave a comment. What do you like or not like about it?


  1. "ummm, that certainly is something, but what the fuck, Dee?"
    Actually I kind of like it...I get that old movie vibe right away and you know I'm a sucker for old movies....among other things!!! And doesn't pretty much everyone have an Auntie that maybe they had an impure thought about at one time or another....I think I know what you wanted and I think you got it just right!

  2. Its a caption Jim but not as we know it !
    Very Dark in thought provoking, guess there well be a lot of W T F. Not sure i would want to see every post like this but it is a great caption.
    It makes me want to KILL! KILL! KILL! Sorry zoned out there. i mean it makes me want to push the boundaries of culture. But after another cup of tea.

  3. WONDERFUL caption Dee!

    Is this some escapist fantasy of being 'forced' into what we really fantasize about? Hell no, this is taking TG captions and mixing in another great genre. Not porn, not comedy, not fantasy... but horror. And as any horror movie gets you going, so does this caption! I agree with Ian in that I wouldn't want a steady diet of this type, but as an occasional entry... I LOVE IT!

  4. Thanks everyone! It looks like the people who would get it, did get it, so I feel much better about making it now.

    Hopefully this will never be used on a medical eval form .. so not only do you make captions about guys getting turned into women, but then you have those new women attack and kill others in a homicidal rage? OK sweetie, time to get you in a black velvet jacket with some straps for your arms.