Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dawn Provides a Running Commentary!

.. and you thought that the last caption I posted was fucked up!

Well, yeah. Read the caption first, otherwise spoilers possibly abound, though I'm not sure what exactly I'd be spoiling!

Found this picture while I was hunting down some caption fodder, and something about it just made me stare at it. What was going on? I knew I needed to at least throw it into a caption setting and maybe work on it another time .. but I couldn't help but write the first sentence. From there, I thought that the protagonist was making a comment within the caption itself, so Commentator = Dawn. That gave it a bit more structure.

After that, it was pretty much a stream of consciousness story foundation that was indeed looking for a story to build itself upon. However, I was having more fun writing what it COULD be, as opposed to what WAS going on .. so why keep looking when you've already found the answer to anything I wanted to know. STOP LOOKING, you've already found it!

At that point, I had 3 lines or so of text to go. I could certainly type more in and then shrink it down to fit, but what if Dawn was actually commenting ABOUT the caption too? She'd notice that there wasn't much room left and Dee was once again going to leave many things in the caption unresolved, so why not make fun of that?!? I wrote the last paragraph and then proofread for grammar and spelling, but didn't change a word I wrote. It all came out in order from beginning to end.

In the past, I've taken some bizarre looking images and molded them into normal seeming captions, or I've highlighted them and still told a story. This time I hoped that everyone looking at the caption said, "Well, that is certainly an interesting photo. I'm curious to see what Dee has done with it!" then replied, "That was no help at all! In fact, I'm possibly even more confused!" If so, GREAT! If not, well, YOU tell ME exactly what the fuck is going on in that image? Sometimes you just have to let things be, and not over think them.

Dawn replied to the caption in her trade folder, and had this to say:
It's obvious despite what it appears that I am in total control of the situation and was merely waiting for Dee to run out of room and ideas before I explained the real reason behind the green chair. 
It's not easy finding someone as lazy as me to field test a new product. There a has been a great demand among royalty for environmentally conscious thrones.  
Not wanting to make the same mistake as in the Game of Thrones of creating one that is both uncomfortable and wasteful of limited resources, Porcelain Thrones Inc is diversifying and experimenting with new techniques and material to make the throne-sitting experience more comfortable and pleasing to the eye while using environmentally friendly materials.  
It's my job to regally sit upon the throne and test its suitability before some royal ass plunks down on it. And of course the throne is completely recyclable just like the asses that sit on it.
To me, it seems more like something that the King of Suessland would rule from!


  1. Perhaps its a wish gone wrong by his wife. the genie did not note the punctuation in her wish?
    " I wish to be comfortable and easy (.) Chair positioned in a nice bar. with my husband waiting on me. so he knows what its like to be a wife !"
    O K needs a little work!

    1. I'll go along with it. There isn't enough grammar and spell check TG captions out there!