Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Teenage Apathy .. Without a Care in the World!

Aimless angst .. it's what's for dinner!

Made this one for Terri, and it finds me in a weird mood lately .. which might be reflected in the next few captions I will be releasing here on the blog. As I said to Terri when posting this one:
I had found this picture and wanted to use it for you. She seemed a bit dour and I needed to figure out why. Overactive parents always trying to keep their kids engaged, happy and healthy. Teenagers are moody and apathetic, and hopefully that is why you act the way you do in this caption, that you just wanted to be left alone .. or because you were a chronic masturbator, both as Martin, and especially now as Terri! 
I assume it is one of those two things that lead to this caption! 
PS. Also,Martin is close to Marvin, and I started picturing that girl saying in Marvin the Paranoid Android's voice, "Life? Don't talk to me about life!" and, "I won't enjoy it."
The last post here, with Dee in the swimsuit, also had this sort of "whatever" attitude, and I wanted to embrace some new emotions in caption form this year. As usual, it will probably be determined how often I stretch these goals based on whether I can find source photos that evoke said feelings. In the last day or two, I've been VERY lucky. I'm hoping to stay of that winning streak as the year moves onward and the days get longer.

Another potential pothole to this range of emotions is target destinations for trading captions. I could get around this by making them blog exclusives, but if what I am writing, is what I am going to be writing, I might fall more into caption debt AND be doing a disservice to others if I feel I am half-assing a caption just to get it done for them.

Coming up soon is a 'dark'ish caption, and a something naughty for Leeanne among other things. I'm going away for some of the weekend, but I think I've got enough stuff to get me through until Sunday, so keep checking in.

Also, we still have the DIY Challenge going on, and not ONE submission yet! Only four more days or so left to get them in to me!


  1. Ah, the teen years!!! I spent mine being mostly an idiot with flashes of tremendous stupidity mixed with confusion!!!!
    I love the cap....if only my parents had found a way to change me into a teenage girl.....then I could have been hormonal and bitchy too!!!!

  2. Great cap, I totally love the indifference of Terri's response.

    I had an idea for the DIY, but that story ran a completely different way than I wanted, and actually doesn't fit the picture anymore, so I will have another go at it.

  3. Really good pic for the cap. Love the deadpan stare the lady has. I was wondering if you know who the lady is I. The picture?

    1. I have no idea who the model is, but the facial affect she has is what drew me into the picture and made me write the story itself.

  4. I really enjoyed this caption! Great work!