Monday, January 25, 2016

Like Dee Would Ever Be Caught Out in Direct Sunlight!?!

Damien isn't that fond of sunlight either, ya know!

Well, after all that snow that hit the East Coast over the weekend, aren't you all ready for some tropical weather, fruity drinks in pineapples, and frolicking on the sand while playing beach volleyball? Me neither, but I'm sure some of us what to escape the 2-3 feet of snow that got dumped on them by Mother Nature, and I'm at least a bit sensitive to others' needs.

So here you go. It's a caption starring me! I don't make too many of these so enjoy the awkward pose, black gothy clothes even for a swimsuit, and that Moaning Lisa semi-smile that has launched rocket ships to Pluto. Damn you, Neil Degrasse Tyson! Pluto is STILL a planet to me, you dwarf meanie!

Oh yeah, where was I? Right! I had two photos that I liked, but wasn't sure which one was better. I marked them both up, and since this is a blog exclusive, you can tell me which one YOU like better.

I ended up preferring the first one I posted above, mostly because of the angle of the pose, and the facial expression was a bit more pissy, anguished teenage girl .. while the second one was more in the, "puzzled, what the hell is going on?" whimsical look, with a side order of "You two are giving me a massive migraine headache and I'm going to go postal on you two, bitch cakes style," Also, it has the lamp in the background, so it seems more like a behind the scenes styled caption.

Did I bring some sunshine to an otherwise cold and slushy, everything is melting, snowblind day?


  1. I prefer the first one. I think it fits slightly better. The second seems to not have enough pout to me and is more like a slightly predatory glance at the camera.

    1. I agree, which is why I like the first one better as well.

      Guess we can chalk this one up to a "let's see how an image can make a caption better!" experiment.

  2. I think both pictures work, but I imagine using both pictures in one cap could work well too. The picture of the first version on the left side of the text, ant the second on the right. This might emphasize even more that the personality wasn't taken into account. You could see Dee emerge through the pictures as well.
    To me there is a little deviousness in the second picture. A little "Don't get mad, get even" look.

    1. That makes sense, and if I had enough story for two panels, I probably would have used both. I think, for the story at least, one panel works better, and I'm not sure what I could've said in a second one.

    2. I actually meant to say to use both pictures in one panel, pictures on the side and the text in the middle. I know it is not your usual style, but in my head it would give the cap a little extra. Of course I may be wrong, and it would become a "Nah" experience.
      I agree with you that the lengt of the story is as it should be. More would probably be distracting.

  3. I think both photos are great. The second one gives a bit more 'fun' expression... maybe hinting that Dee will get some enjoyment as well as revenge out of this scenario. It's hard viewing a cap with Dee in it where she doesn't win in the end!

    But I have to agree that the first photo is better. It's all about the background for me. It helps emphasize that this is a pro photoshoot and not just some neighborhood girl taking swimsuit shots.

    Either way... Bravo!

  4. Honestly? Either one makes me want to eat you up Dee. So sexy!

    That California Girls video by David Lee Roth has always hyped up the sissy in me. I want to be all of them!