Saturday, December 12, 2015

Overnight Day Spa Makeover?... and the DIY Challenge for December!

A place where new perspectives in relationships happen? What could possibly go wrong there?

Figured we'd show off another oral caption from the past, this time done for Sasha aka TG Comix back in May of 2009. She disappeared for a bit (quite a few years from the Haven) and occasionally comes back to her blog like twice a year, but at least she still pops in now and again!

For those who aren't following the caption, it pretty much goes like this: The couple goes to the resort and they end up becoming an idealized version of their mate. It shows the other person what you wish they were like physically, mentally, sexually, etc ..Sam had some pretty naughty ideas about how Amy should be and ended up getting called out on it, and of course, trapped in his own fantasies!

How screwed would you be if this caption happened to you and your significant other? For me, sexual fantasy versus true reality probably have no way of ever coexisting so I am not sure what would happen if that option were available to my girlfriend and I. Would this work out for you, or could it be a nightmare like up above, or is that a dream come true?


I was going to put up a caption setting with a Christmas theme, but there were SO many awesome and naughty pictures, that I decided to once again leave the picture gathering up to you! And since there is two major holidays at the end of this month, you've got a choice in doing one, both, or of course, neither, but most people don't submit something for the DIY anyway, so why be like the common people (cue up Pulp song right here!)

Anyway, please follow along closely! Actually it is pretty simple.

All entries must be in by Sunday December 27th at midnight PST. You can email them to me, or submit them to my trading folder and designate them in the title as "DIY - Caption Name".

(1) The female name for the transformed person (or female name is crossdressed/sissy) is Holly. The male name shouldn't matter and can be anything.  Since this is about giving and caring, I do not wish to be involved in the caption unless I'm the one turning someone into Holly!

(2) If you are doing a Christmas themed caption, it needs to have the following phrasing somewhere in its story, "I'll Be Home for Christmas". If you'd like to add, "if only in my dreams." that is fine but not necessary.

(3) If you are doing a New Year's Eve/Day themed caption, it needs to have one of the following phrases in it, "Should old acquaintance be forgot." or "we'll take a cup of kindness yet," which are both from Auld Lang Syne. One or the other is fine. If you can work them both in, go for it!

(4) I am not providing pictures so I will not be putting write-ups into caption format for you. Next month should be back to normal, or at the very least I will do something for newbies that have never entered a DIY Challenge before.

Since it is Christmas, feel free to make up more than one, or do a multi-panel caption series? Let's go full bore! Unless something major happens here, I'll try to have them up on the 29th or 30th so they won't feel out of date when I post them!

For a classic version of "I'll Be Home for Christmas" I really love Sinatra's version.

For a contemporary version, it is hard to beat Kelly Clarkson.

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  1. I do enjoy this kind of caption, A swap that has as you write trapped him in his own fantasy. And Amy/Adam quite pleased at that.
    Being the shallow individual i am if this were to happen for real i would be so trapped into dumb submissive Bimbo hood.
    I well have to get the thinking cap on for the D I Y and get picture hunting.