Thursday, December 10, 2015

From Dave the office worker to ... Dirty Diana!

A Throwback Thursday Caption for your edification!

Made this over 6 years ago for the person now known as Dani Colorado! Damn! I've been doing this for awhile now! Sometimes punching in your time card in the morning can be a pain in the ass, or any other place a co-worker wants to stick something hard and glistening. There is little to no setup, background, or subtlety in this caption.

Here is what I wrote at the time:
Hope you enjoy, since you DID ask for people to do their evilest ... I could've done more, but hey .. I don't know ya well enough to spread the evil that thick!! 
Have fun in your new "position" and if you feel a tickle in the back of your throat .... it's probably your boss!!
I am not sure what I had in mind that I stopped for, but I'm sure it would've been a blast to read!


I have written up the DIY Challenge for December and it should be posted on Saturday night. For the last challenge of the year, I've once again eschewed the required picture in favor of a few guidelines that need to be fulfilled instead, and there is an option of making either a Christmas or New Year's caption .. or both! Be on the lookout for it on Saturday, with a deadline of Sunday, December 27.

He had written a few bad ass songs, and worked with some great guitarists. This is one of them!

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  1. It sounds like they are all in on the joke. An open ended caption even six years ago. it makes you wonder who Dave p'd off?