Sunday, December 20, 2015

Leeanne and Kaaren's Yule Log Greetings!

Christmas is more about giving that receiving, so Christmas *IS* for sissies!

While I was marking out this week's holiday captions, I realized that I had an extra caption, so the easiest way to work things out would be to post the sissy captions together. Separately they are loyal and faithful friends to me, and when you get them together, it's something else entirely!

The first one is for Sissy Kaaren, and I thought that the picture was perfect for her and that I could write the caption around it. Got half way done (at the "can I now, right?" part) and then saved it as I had other things to do. Came back to in last Friday, and wrote out the second half, which took a bit of a different turn since I wasn't sure how to continue it. I mean, it technically WAS a fully formed caption, but I knew there was more there. Then it came to me, what if Kaaren REALLY wanted to take her time in trying out the lovers for her wife? Plus I didn't want people to be confused as to whether the picture was of Kaaren or her wife .. so I thought, "how long would it take to pose for a painting?" AND I just happen to have some photoshop filters I could play with to turn the photo into something on canvas! When I had that, the rest wrote itself!

For Leeanne's caption, I was thinking about the Christmas song, "Silver and Gold" and it's lyrics start off with "Silver and gold. Silver and gold. Everyone wishes for silver and gold. How do you measure it's worth? Just by the pleasure it gives here on Earth." and I figured I could tie it into a caption with a padlock on a chastity device and the key itself. Sort of a kinky way to go from a cherished Christmas standard to a segueway into a TG caption, but I'm nothing if not flexible!

The idea was fine, but unless I could find a picture that worked with it, I was pretty doomed. However, as some sort of Christmas miracle, I discovered this picture around the 8th or so directory of perverted Christmas photos online! Quelle chance, indeed!

So, hopefully I have filled their stockings with lots of Christmas Cheer .. and spunk too!

I am so much the richer to have them around as comrades and targets of my captions, as well as a fount for knowledge I most likely never would have discovered, and has expanded my artistic palette more than I probably would've ever thought I could back when I started doing this. Whenever I think that I'm sexually daring, I ponder about some of Kaaren or Leeanne's exploits and say, "Yeah kid! You are probably French Vanilla or Vanilla Bean with cookie dough at best!"

So I give a toast to my sissy friends, who have expanded my sensibilities and pushed forwards boundaries I didn't know I had. With much respect, I say to you both, "Get on your knees! You know what to do!" I'm sure you'll do something I've never experienced before, and I bet it was worth the lifetime of wait! Goddess bless!

God I love Phineas and Ferb, especially secret agent Perry the Platypus. Here we have the evil scientist, Dr. Doofensmertz singing about why he doesn't hate Christmas. True genius!


  1. Well I do like to take my time fluffing her lovers properly....sometimes I take a little too long and send them to her dripping abd ready to pop,,,,she lets them cool down while she gets her hairbrush and "corrects" my behavior!!! Hey who needs to sit down anyway and the red usually fades to a delightful tingly pink in a couple of days.....sigh....
    While I'm here on my knees let me show you something I learned from an Asian couple we met a few years made me blush Do you have a peacock feather, a set of chopsticks, some hot sauce, a roll of Mento's candies and a couple of bottles of diet coke? Maybe a bottle of lube too....a large one....?

    Thanks so much for the cap Dee!!!! And have a Happy Solstice and a Merry Christmas!!!!

    1. We just got back from a Longest Night party, which for me is the event of the year! There will be a bit of a write up on the next posting which should be up tonight.

      So glad you enjoyed the caption sweetie! I'm hoping that Leeanne sees hers soon too! I thought both of these came out pretty well, but perhaps that was just inspiration showing up when needed.

  2. Kaaren must have been on her knees for a long time to let someone paint her like that!

    1. I think that might have been the whole point! Those sissies can be pretty cunning!

  3. Two fun captions. I dabble in painting but have never used that medium. I well have to try it but would be a miniature now a days.
    Well its not chastity until you want out. what a tease. keep them wanting. its all in the mind. oh and the blue balls.

    1. I definitely couldn't handle chastity at all. I had enough trouble going ten days without when I went to visit my grandmother back a number of years ago. I got home from the airport, and literally was in through the door, clothes went flying like Charlie Brown on a pitcher's mound and I was flailing away!

      Maybe I have no self control, but I never did CLAIM to have any control whatsoever! Just the fact I was able to get through 10 days at grandma's without tossing was control enough!

    2. i know what you mean the long pink rascal just will not lie down.

  4. Dear Dee,

    A lovely caption indeed and I'm always so honored when you include me in one of yours. In fact, you are prescient, as my wife recently had me out of chastity for almost two weeks while we traveled alone, but has locked me back up with the advisement, "It's going to be a while now sissy. I'm on the hunt for cock." And Ian dear, it truly is the tease that gets us going.

    Merry Christmas Dee!