Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ian and the Christmas Krampus!

How tasteless can we be? Lick your lips and c'mon in! I'll pour you another shot!

Yeah. Well, we had the silver and gold colors for Sissy Leeanne's Christmas caption, so we decided to go with a heavy flow of red for this one starring Ian. Pretty Sure that Aunt Flo will be there to celebrate too at Ian's crash pad.

Honestly, it was the cotton snow that the model was kneeling on that gave me most of the idea, plus that new horror movie starring the Krampus popped into my mind. I just HAD to do it. I'm not sure if someone else has used that sort of tact in a TG caption. Maybe I'm the only one too sick in the head to even attempt it. No matter what you think about the caption, I do get points for trying, right?

Just two more Christmas captions to go .. Christmas Eve posted tomorrow night, and then Christmas Day! If I get a chance, I'll set something to post on Saturday, but I can't promise anything. We are going away for the weekend to visit the GF's mom, whom we recently had to put in a dementia ward, so want to spend some time with her on the first Christmas there. It's a mixed bag of emotions sometimes when dealing with the holidays, but we now know that she'll be safe from harm.

This is one of my favorite songs written on MST3k, now sung by an actual choir. Since he starred in "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar" we could certainly, "Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas" this year and every year!


  1. Points for Cramp-us, hahaha!

  2. Depressed, irritable, bloated. yes, cramp and a chocolate craving yes got them to.
    God damn it Dee you said I was pregnant ! Oh well i well not have to wait nine months for this to drop.
    Thanks? Dee I am glad i finished my diner before reading this.
    And yes i think its just you.

  3. Funny cap, I still havce to watch Krampus, but I really want to.