Tuesday, November 3, 2015

You Can't Hypnotize Me For Halloween! That's All!

Sometimes a Halloween caption isn't quite Halloween enough to post in October!

Made this for hypnofeminizeme, which pretty much sells itself, don't you think? This is what I had to say in her trading folder on the Haven when I posted it:
Well, I hope into the trading area often and usually see your name just yelling at me, "Hey! hypnofeminize me! Yeah you! The weird girl that thinks I'm talking to her right now!"

Well, I didn't want to let that disembodied voice down, and when I found this picture, I figured I could make something happen, and it did. Now to get that voice from CNN to stop asking me to build a damn baseball field! I swear he sounds just like Darth Vader and Mufasa!

Hope you enjoy this caption! I had fun typing you up in mental knots!
I didn't think it was spooky or too evil to post during the run up to Halloween so I kept putting it off. Figured it was about time to show it here though because it was fun to make, and I like the supposed defiance that Mark is putting up. His dialog is meant to be confident and it comes out so petulant instead. Quite a take down of his masculinity if I do say so myself. When I was younger, I think this might have been one of those fantasies I could play over and over in my head. I still enjoy it now, but back when I was a teen, this probably would've been one to knock my socks off, as long as I was going to wear pantyhose instead!

I also think something needs to be said about the picture, which does smack of insolence, with a charming face that could be one of a boy on his way to becoming a girl. The makeup isn't adult like, or too skillful, and relatively age appropriate for a younger female .. maybe trying to get away with a little more than what her mother would allow her to put on. I really think it helps sell the caption. The last thing about the picture is that I decided to let the photo be bigger than the text background. I thought the picture was definitely what drove the story, and I knew it would be all dialog, so I didn't have to worry about pushing out too much story. I could convey it simply with the banter between Marissa and Dee.

In other news, my caption, "Much More Fun Than Logging Onto Compuserve!" won the October 2015 contest on the Haven! Wooo! First time I had entered in over 4 years. I sort of feel like Rocky Balboa coming back for one last fight to show the young bucks just what an old-time bastard can do! But honestly, I just put together a caption that people liked and voted for the most. Thanks to everyone that voted for me, and if you didn't .. that's cool too. There were quite a few I liked lots!

Lastly, you may have noticed that the Haven was down for about 17 hours or so today. There was a billing issue AGAIN and they gacked down the site. Emily had to argue with them (she had a receipt and everything!) and it is back for now. They will be migrating the server next week so it might be a bit slow AND we will be looking for a new Web Host as soon as we can that will accept adult content. That is the big issue, as they often charge twice or three times as much as a regular host, especially with the amount of bandwith we consume daily. For more info, or to check to see what is going on when the Haven is down, you should check out (and favorite) THIS blog. It comes in handy for when you have no idea what is going on there!

This has become quite the busy post so I'll hold off on one caption that was kinda tasteless that I was going to post Halloween week, but decided not to have it on the main page as the title caption. It should be up within a few days. Also have a few games that the sissies out there can play at the next party they attend. Keep a look out for it!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So, what would you have Dee do next to Marissa? My thought would be to have her seduce his best friend, who might not know it was him. Maybe have her pretend that she was his cousin from out of town visiting for the weekend and see how far they would go. Leave your ideas below. Can't wait to see what you'd come up with!


  1. Fun cap, Love how Mark is oblivious that he is slowly turning himself into Marissa.

    Congratulations on winning the October contest. This was a contest where it was hard to decide who to vote for, so you're welcome. ;)

    I already had it as a favorite, but yesterday was a reason for me to sign up as a member of Rachel's Haven downtime center, so I get the news right away from now on.
    It is something I know next to nothing about, but I am curious what is needed/ has to be done to go to another webhost. You mentioned in the past that the Haven is penguin based, so I assume that a web host should support that, but also what would be needed in terms of bandwidth, web space and so on.
    And would a web host need to be based in the USA, or would web hosts from other countries be an option too.
    Maybe it's an idea to make an item about this at the Haven. Like Emily said: "If you happen to have a web host you love, it wouldn't hurt to let Rachel know about them."
    While I may not have a clue, maybe some of the other Havenettes do. and it would come in handy to know what is needed when you look for a suitable web host.
    Of course if you already have a replacement, I´m still curious.

    1. It'd have to be a high band-with server. We get MANY viewers and lots of files so the host can't shut us down after a certain amount used during the billing cycle. It would also have to be one that does not mind hosting adult content.

      Those two things mean that it can be quite expensive to keep the Haven running. Don't quote me, but I think we were around 200 per month or so, and that was for lousy hosting service (aka they didn't back up the files even though they told us they were, hence we lost about 3 years of captions that were posted to the Haven!) Throw in the fact that Rach is still dealing with cancer, and we try to keep it going as best we can.

      Right now, I'm not much in the loop as she is still in the hospital, and most of the information comes through Emily. We are going to slog through until we can make the situation better.

  2. Hi Dee sorry i missed the D I Y I was offline for a couple of weeks 100 words that would have been a Halloween horror for me.
    i do enjoy the hypno captions his defiance and obliviousness witch just egg Dee on to further mischief. hey pile on the agony for the day he is snapped out of it .
    if it was one of my epics think i would have him have him throw out all his male stuff/ cut all his jeans down to short shorts. decorate his room pink and girly filled with dolls. teen idol posters and soft toys. next shopping for dresses (Lolita ?) saloon visits then on to hormones and of course the implants (huge) as his family and male friends desert him the girls become his friends? and and on to cock sucking then to anal. think i would throw maid or housework addiction in there to. would he end up a dizzy trophy wife. bimbo stripper , cock hungry escort. ? How mean do you want to go?

    1. Wow, Ian! That is quite a story, especially for one caption! Have you thought about writing stories and submitting them to fictionmania?

    2. no not really would be good to check it out i,ve not been on there for a while like everything else where does the time go.