Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful to Be Drunk on Thanksgiving!

We at least a few of my relatives were thankful for large amounts of wine!

Hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving had a great time today. We got the noontime meal with family, which included my daughter who had to work later on. A cousin of mine just got out of rehab, so of course, his sister brings a couple bottles of wine to the meal. Yeah, this family is about as sensitive to recovering alcoholics as they are to not-by-choice vegetarians!

Anyway, we watched some football, then brought my daughter to work, and I laid down, as I've been having issues with my sinuses. Now I'm watching some MST3k Turkey Day reruns and planning our Black Friday Strategy .. as in, we go out to people watch. I pretty much have everything bought for Christmas already, so a friend and I just head out and watch people wait in lines to get into Target or Walmart, etc .. There is also a discount store around here that honestly has no reason to be open at midnight on Black Friday, so we always go there and buy something innocuous like a tape measure, pack of playing cards, or a can of green beans .. just for the fun of saying we shopped there after midnight for fun. I am betting they'll have people working there that remember us, because we stand by the door like its a real Black Friday store awaiting to buy a really cheap-ass TV or something.

So we'll do that until around 1:30 AM then head off to bed. I am going to get up around 8 AM and then hit some more stores, mostly people watching, but occasionally I will find some stocking stuffers like Blu Ray movies or Selfie Sticks. I can't tell you how much more enjoyable it is when you really don't have a deadline or item that you HAVE to get. That is the true meaning of Black Friday .. that I don't NEED anything they are selling so I can enjoy the experience of it all as neither a consumer OR one of the poor store clerks.

If you do shopping at all tonight or during Black Friday proper, please be nice to the store clerks, register workers, police and security. They are just trying to do their jobs too!

Be sure to check out the last caption as well since it also deals with Thanksgiving!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Since we are all hanging out on TG caption websites, I am guessing we just MIGHT only need a long weekend to get over a issue like mysteriously changing gender. Or would we? What do you think would be the hardest part about the above scenario?

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  1. Well its would depend on many things whether it was desired or not, i guess not in this caption, and the reasons behind the transformation, an accident, a punishment or revenge or a great shift, so there could be a lot of explaining to do. i think most of the problems are social acceptance i think there is still a very long way to go when it comes to tg ts tv..and also the way genders react to each other ie male female roles plus attitudes to gay people, its general to assume becoming female is a gay thing which is of course not true.
    i do not think it would all be malicious but being different sets you up.
    i have grown a beard the last few weeks and have got enough ribbing for that so imagine the reaction of changing also depends on the person some are strong enough to ride any storm but many are not.
    i would defiantly need more than a long weekend.