Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Deal with the Family at Thanksgiving!

Why not try to use their paranoia and world view against them?

I was sitting here trying to make a caption and got to thinking about how I will deal with my family tomorrow at Thanksgiving. I definitely have different political views with just about all of them, and I still think that believe I'm not eating meat just to be difficult. I can only imagine what would happen if I ever came out to them as "transitioning" since I've heard all the damn Caitlyn Jenner jokes. At least my daughter is big into LGBT issues and says things to them like, "well she can be whichever gender she feels like, you'll ALWAYS be an asshole .. and there is no surgery to fix THAT!" Yeah, she certainly takes after me in saying what she feels to just about anyone within listening distance.

So, with that in mind, I saw this picture. The first thing I thought is, "Well, she won't catch scurvy!" and immediately I thought, "that HAS to be a way to make Thanksgiving less awkward. One of the big prefixes for illness seems to be ROTO- so I figured I'd just tack that onto scurvy and write myself an amusing holiday caption about using people's stupidity against them.

I don't think my relatives would fall for it, but hey .. maybe they'll accept it for what it is at face value, knowing they'd rather not hear the actual truth."So your kid is one of THOSE Kardashian types, eh? "Not at all Bill! She's a victim of a big government conspiracy, but perhaps I've said too much. God knows, they could come after your kids next!"

I don't want anyone to think I'm making light of people transitioning and the often serious issues that arise when family members aren't accepting. This, if anything, is trying to take the piss out of those that aren't reasonable and make us chuckle at how stupid they are to see that it is still the same person they've alway been fundamentally. Lets hope society can be progressively tolerant as we face what will be a much better future.

Hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow has a safe and joyous holiday for both you, your friends, and your family, no matter how different they are from you! I should be back tomorrow, aka Turkey Day Night, with another "Thanksgiving" caption.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Well, tell me what you think about the caption! Duh! Also, what was the most uncomfortable moment you've had at a family gathering? Did it involve you, or were you just an observer? How would your family deal with the situation happening as in the caption?


  1. .....gotta love the reference to fox news.

  2. I've definitely heard some Caitlyn Jenner jokes and had similar thoughts as you