Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Mid-day Show with Meredith Madden!

Hailey Pixley gets her television debut .. LIVE and en femme!

Well, Hailey made an announcement that she's taking a break for personal reasons. You can read the actual blog posting HERE. I am sure I'm not the only one that hopes she'll be back soon enough, fully refreshed and overflowing with new ideas for captions.

I am not sure that non-creators realize how much effort can go into not only making captions, but then keeping up with the blog aspect too. We all get into ruts, and like most people, have real lives and tough days at work, or dealing with relationships and family members. Fairly typical stuff I know, but WE are the places that many people go to escape those same issues, and look to us to whip up some fantasies we can all share. Then throw in a defined topic, Hailey was mostly dealing with captions featuring tights / hosiery, and that can narrow down the creative process even more.

Hailey disappeared once before, and came back to us again. I hope we'll have the same thing happen this time as well. She was posting almost 5 times a week, and that is a tough schedule for a non-retired person to keep. I know this because I tend to do 4-5 a week here at DoG, and I had the benefit of going off into tangents of whatever topic I wish, running contests, and at one point, a pretty big backlog of captions. If/when she comes back, I hope she'll take a more laid back approach of maybe 2-3 per week, if that. If Britney/Steffi-Marie had even decided to do 1 per day, her blog could STILL be putting out daily captions now even if she quit back when she did the latest time. From a creative standpoint, there is definitely not instant gratification from feedback, but it is much easier to deal with any pressure of not being able to come up with something each and every day.

So Hailey, I hope you get some much deserved rest and relaxation, but that you also come by and keep up with our community now and again. You posted good stuff consistently, which is a mark of a great captioner, and I'll miss seeing my left column notifying me that there is something new on your blog. I've never failed to click when I see that you are near the top for recent posts. I also hope you enjoy this not exactly original tale I crafted for you, but that it does "tickle you pink!"

Yeah, I've definitely posted this song before, but it is one of my favorites from the 1980's. And since we are talking about a great soundtrack for this movie, why not send this one out to Hailey!

Like everyone else that wanders off the captioning reservation for awhile, you are welcome back anytime! We will leave the light on for you!


  1. You said it all better than I could ever hope to say it, Dee. The creative process is a fickle mistress, and when she's finished with you, she makes it clear in no uncertain terms. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support; I loved the cap, and I'll definitely have it in mind as I ruminate on my capping career and contemplate the future. =) But as I said before, even if I reinvent myself, I'm sure I'll be back sooner than later, and in the meantime, I'll still be around in some capacity. ;) I love you all!

  2. Lovely cap.
    I've always had mixed feelings about Hypnosis caps.
    The loss of control and responsibility is so utterly scary to me, and yet the loss of that it is so incredibly appealing.

    I know from my lurking days that I didn't really knew the effort it takes to create a cap, but I know it is one of the reasons I didn't start a blog myself so far. I have an average of maybe 2 caps a week, but as it goes with averages, I have weeks I create more and some weeks I create nothing at all. It depends on when the muse visits me, and I am not even narrowed down by a single theme.
    On the other hand, a theme can be a foothold in the creative process, because it can prevent me of going anywhere with my thoughts, and not have anything to show for in the end.

    I wish Hailey success with what she needs to do, so we can enjoy new caps of her sooner. Whoever she decides to become.
    I hope Britney/Steffie-Marie is doing well, It's a pity she stopped capping and her blogs were removed. Her caps were inspirational. I would glad to hear from her, even if it is just reading a comment. If she still comments, it is not on blogs I read.

  3. I, for one, have the greatest of respect for you who create captions. There's so much energy and imagination that goes into it and the text can often buzz with the enthusiasm and the raw need to create. Equally, one can always spot captioneers who lack that effort - their raw ideas are sound but they lack the polished nature of others.

    I speak, of course, from the position of the lazy captioneer. And I've managed maybe one a year.

    I don't mind how frequently a caption blog posts, we all have ruts, as long as the creator remains happy to create and there are more coming... I can wait. I mean, I'd prefer not to, but I can wait.