Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sobriety Checkpoints Are So Much More Detailed Now!

Now I know my Z-Y-X. Tell me that I'm built for sex? Yay!

Made this for Maxine almost a week ago, and it was totally driven by the photo I had found. I believe she is some sort of actress, but I don't know who she is, and it probably doesn't matter than much in the long run. She was posed in a variety of ways, but this one really got me thinking about a sobriety checkpoint and how they'll check your equilibrium to see how drunk you are. I know quite a few people that have trouble walking a straight line anyway, and I SUCK at doing the alphabet backwards, so we'd all be fucked if we were pulled over, even if we were sober!

From there, I wondered how I was going to take a TG aspect to it, in such that would it be a cross dressing situation that could include embarrassment, or a more magical approach. I went with the latter because I wanted to tie in the heels with the actual things that a police officer would ask someone to do, but I wrote it a bit deceptively that possibly he changed himself to show that he was not drunk in any way.

In my head, I figured that the "police officer" would be in the Dragnet vein, and that whole, "Just the facts, Ma'am" monotone voicing, and it just seemed that repeating Ma'am would be a recurring theme .. and perhaps each time he said it, as a mantra to change Matt into Maxine. My other original thought was that the "cop" would be changing things by modifying the information on the driver's license, which shouldn't be hard because anyone that gets pulled over, automatically gets the "License and Registration, Sir or Ma'am." request. I kept that and used it to tie together the last part, which was the mental changes to Maxine. This was such a fun caption to do, and could technically happen to anyone, since we are all afraid when we get pulled over, even for something minor .. and police have such leeway in how we can be treated, so it is the ultimate in authority over us.

There is also a bit of irony in that I just watched an episode of Penn and Teller's Bullshit where they talked about AA and the twelve step program and how it's more of a religious cult than an actual treatment and in general just "Penn and Teller"ing the hell out of it. Very entertaining and quite truthful. Penn is big on using other's own words and writing against them. Anyway, after watching that, I definitely felt this would be a good caption to put up!

Because in Mega-City .. I AM THE LAW!


  1. Love this! the transition from beginning to end in terms of quality of protestation at the intrusion by law enforcement is classic, wicked Dee.

  2. Great cap,
    I always love these differences in culture. Over here If I would get pulled over to test if I drank to much, The police would simply use a breathaliser. I wouldn't have to walk in a straight line or whatever the police have in store for you. From the few times I have been pulled over, it was usually because of a police trap.
    Only once on a remote part of the industrial area I have to pass, after a late shift. There had been some burglaries at several companies, and my car happened to be of similar brand, type and color as that of the burglars. They decided pretty quick I could be ruled out, but being pulled over at that time and place is very low of my things I consider fun.