Friday, June 12, 2015

Arranging for Job Coverage!

You have got to be care when you get someone to fill in for you!

Who doesn't love a good secretary caption, eh? Made this one for a relative newbie at the Haven, Corinne Beau, and I noticed that she liked body swaps, which worked out well, because I had been thinking in my head about someone literally "filling in" for another person at work.

Usually, someone that does a job with the same requirements or position can "do your job" if people have questions, answer the phone, or you have to do a presentation and is part of the group. However, there are certain jobs, especially when it comes to entertainment, where you have to play the part. Two examples of those would be "The Tiki Room" at Disney and the MOM ride, which I think is something located in quite a few places, but I know of the one near Boston, which is a simulator ride in a theater. Anyway, both have pre-shows where someone from the work crew will "interact" with a pre-recorded video or audio with animatronics. The person wears s name tag with a generic, gender neutral name like "Dana" for the MOM ride's laser show beforehand so when someone says, "Is this crowd ready yet for the MOM ride, Dana?" the guy or girl can say, "No Bob! Not yet. Let's chant MOM really loud!" then a few moments later, Bob can say something like, "Way to go! This will look good on your next review Dana!"

So anyway, that lead me to a "What if you had to physically BE the person you were filling in for?" From there, it pretty much wrote itself in my brain, and I just had to jot it down. I'm sure that Mark thought that Corinne was there mostly to look good and get Ms. Mentia coffee, so THAT is exactly what he is going to do, and of course HE can't do one of those things. Perhaps the sales force is dealing mostly with men for some product so the company prefers men to sell. Corinne doing better in Mark's body makes her a candidate for actual sales, though I'm not sure if they'll make her do it as Mark or just turn him into another female that is even more pleasing to the eye.

C'mon .. Siouxsie and the Banshees with Robert Smith? Such a gothic squee-gasm!


  1. I honestly might have to use this concept in a future cap - it's too much fun. litertally filling in for someone could lead to some fun places. Plus this cap is just a LOT of fun. great work.

    1. By all means, Simone, go for it! I wouldn't want to stop you from having lots of FUN!

  2. This chould have a sequel