Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter is NOT the Time to be a Ski Bunny! .. DIY Challenge Results!

Sometimes caption ideas just come to you on the fly!

Definitely wasn't planning on making a caption for this DIY Challenge, but figured since I had the prototype setting up to plug in a submission, I'd give it a shot. I had named it DIY Lodge, probably because of the background, which looked like something you'd have in a hunting lodge. Well, when I opened it again, the ludicrousness of someone wearing that in a ski lodge made me chuckle, since the pose could mean she was thawing out! My mind went silly and I knew I could have a nice little quickie for Totalditz so I wrote it up pretty fast.

For a silly caption, it really is pretty dark! I mean, Kevin was run over by a plow and some female was stranded and turned into a frozen cavewoman to be possibly discovered centuries later! It's only a TG Caption though, so we all know it didn't really happen .. or did it? Bwahahahahaha!

The first one to submit something was Ian, and I placed it into the caption setting. Interesting way of using the picture, as I expected a few mannequin or perhaps a time freeze caption out of the source photo I had supplied. Quite original, and I can sort of picture Barbie posing like that until she thought that Rosie had the idea of what she was inferring. Single minded that Barbie is!

Next up is Brittany7, who decided she needed a bit more room to work with text wise, so she expanded out the right side! Brittany went the somewhat traditional route, but it was still lots of fun to read, and I wonder how many living mannequins I have in my boutique? Dozens I bet, and its even more fun to interchange body sections so they get to experience all kinds of attachments!

Dawn got hers in before the deadline, and its a cute story about how a famous dance craze came to be. I always blamed Shields and Yarnell for the robot dance moves, but I now stand corrected, as if you can't believe what a TG Caption tells you is the truth, then what CAN you believe in? hmmm?

1 comment:

  1. Kevin was lucky I can never find a frozen bimbo when I need one.
    I Liked Brittany 7s cap as i do enjoy a mannequin transformation although i do find them unsettling guess its
    the being trapped part.
    Dawns caption is fun as I share her inablitty to dance. I never tried dance class but E did loosen my feet.
    although in hindsight I was I was more like a bad version of Bez from Happy Mondays.
    OH well those were the days..I memory is rather cloudy.