Sunday, December 6, 2020

Dee Sets the Agenda! .. But You Knew That Already, Didn't You?

Dee .. an evil secretary? Nah! I am actually more of an evil office manager!

Well, I wanted to post something new, but I am re-running my "X-MAS DIY Christmas Challenge" here, and also a bit of a survey I also wanted to mention, so running a new caption might take away from the spotlight I'm looking to focus upon. If you'd like to comment on the caption, not a problem, but I want to get a few things out to everyone, so I can get people's opinions.

So here is some of what I posted back in 2017, and since only Ian commented, this might just be NEW to you! "So about this caption. The picture is from one of those photo services that is usually protected by watermarks. Saw it on a website and thought it would be fun to do a TG caption for a really professional stock shot. Nothing particularly special about the plot, just my standard swap of position and details. I am not really sure if it was by Dee's design or just something accidental, but probably Apple's fault. Do you think Dee planned it, or was it just the whims of captioning fate?"

And now onto stuff I really want people to read .. here it is!

Now on to other things. My health insurance is going up big time, and I need to possibly augment some of my income to compensate .. the insurance went up 300 percent in monthly amount, and the annual deduction went from 0 to 2k .. I'm on a pace for "barely scraping by" as a now single person living by themselves in a time of economic uncertainty in an area that has a high cost of living .. so one thought I had was to possibly start writing TG stories and selling them on Amazon. 

I am not quite sure how I would do that as of yet .. so anyone that does, please reach out to me! as I am not sure if I could earn more, if that would screw up the insurance plan even more, how would I deal with anonymity, etc .. but right now I'm trying to think of how I would do it.

Would people be interested in purchasing TG short stories if I decided to start crafting them and had them for sale? If so, would you prefer like 10-15 page works of fiction for 99 cents a piece? Or would you prefer like a 3 story 'anthology' for 2.99? In that case, I might try to make them either themed, or just maybe the next 3 stories I write go into that book, which would you prefer? Once again, if you would be interested, how often would you like to see books released by me?

I would really like to know how all of you feel about this. Many people have started Patreon pages, and while that works for them, I'm not sure I'd be up for that, for the following reasons .. seems like an awful lot of fucking pressure to HAVE to create X amount of works per month depending on tiers, catering to each individual backer, and possibly make specialized / personalized works for them, etc .. and as far as captions go, I don't own the rights to any of the pictures I use, other than to claim "fair use" and hope that the actual models don't get offended. I am not making any money off this blog, trust me on that! To charge a fee for people to see my work would throw me over the line on that, and I wouldn't want to cross that at this moment in time.

So, please do leave comments below about (1) the caption if you enjoyed it, and more importantly, (2) let me know what you think about the whole Amazon TG fiction thing .. and since it was sort of brought up, how do you feel about Patreon and that whole deal?

And now to the fun part! I haven't done a DIY Challenge in quite some time, apparently February of 2018, was the last time I offered it. Since it's Christmas of a shit-astic year, why not try to bring some cheer into the last vestiges of perhaps the worst year ever .. 2020! So here is a caption setting .. and a sentence that must be included in the caption, "We'll she'd (or she's) done it this time!"

There's two ways you can play this as well. Either download the caption setting .. unfortunately this was something I started last year and never finished .. and make your own caption, perhaps you can cut the picture out and use your own backgruond. OR you can submit your own write up and leave it in the comment section of my page, "Latest DIY" and I WILL MAKE YOUR CAPTION FOR YOU!

Isn't that a great Christmas Present for anyone that decides they want to make something but, doesn't have the necessary graphic design skills to make it happen? Well, there is NO EXCUSE NOW!

Want to star in this caption? Well, now you can! All I ask is that you don't make it TOO LONG. 150-200 words is probably plenty .. more than that and it'll be a tiny font, and who wants to read that? It's not an issue if it isn't very long .. that's what SHE SAID .. because I can make the fonts bigger or fancier. I will edit for content / clarity / grammar if need be, but it'll still be YOUR STORY!

Deadline is Sunday, December 13th at midnight EST. Anyone who makes their own caption with the setting and/or picture can email it to me at Dem!!entia.Not!!me!!you@gmai! by taking out the exclamation marks. Let's make this the holiday celebration to remember!


So you've got a week to make or submit (to me, you know you want to!) something for the DIY Challenge! Also, want more opinions on possible TG short stories from me, posted on Amazon, or some other sort of distribution method.


  1. I just love the girl at the end. The one with the red sweater. I would love to become her identical twin or if not possible at least date her! She looks like the All American girl!!! Zoe

    1. Well, you have until Sunday to write something up starring yourself! Just submit a writeup about how it happened, and I'll make it into a caption. That is what the DIY Challenge is all about!