Friday, March 13, 2015

Showing Off Your Rumba Panties!

Non-compliance is so much more fun to deal with in a boyfriend, right?

Made this one for Winterburn, right around the same time I made the caption for Nadine. I must have been thinking about underpants that day, eh? The photo definitely gave the vibe of the model showing off her panties, plus the hairstyle implied a recent change, so I figured that would make a great compulsion caption. Its always more fun to write when the person changing is fighting those compulsions, so the "more you try to be male, the more you'll act like a female" route was the best way (I think at least!) to flesh out the storyline. It actually fits in nicely with March Madness coming up, though I kept the sport unknown so it'd be more universal and able to be read year round.

We are REALLY close to hitting 3600 comments here on this blog, and another milestone is close at hand as well. Nice to know that we should still be up and running after Google capitulated for at least the time being. I will start backing up everything once a week or so now in case we do get pulled down, as they are still pretty vague as to what exactly "commercial porn" is. Technically, many of the TG Caption sites, like me, quite often use that sort of material to generate their own works. Not sure we are quite out of the woods yet, but I'm still hopeful they will host the lot of us for years to come.

I was more of a rick DJ when I was younger, but this song was always popular on the dance floor. I used to follow it up with this now forgotten classic.

And of course, that would lead to my favorite real lost classics by The Fresh Prince!

Then, the song that would make you want to wear your clothes backwards!

Then wrap it up with Naughty By Nature.

Enjoy your Dee Dance Party Friday Night!


  1. One of my very earliest memories are of watching a young girl push her bike up a hill, bent over, with her rhumba panties on full display! I so wished to be dressed like her.....

  2. Great cap, and what a cute picture.
    I have no clue what March Madness is, but it sounds like a great capping concept;)

    1. March Madness is the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

      I really don't follow college sports, but many people do. Even those that don't will usually "fill out a bracket" and gamble, probably only second to the Super Bowl in office pools.