Sunday, March 15, 2015

Katie Mills' Thrills and Chills!! .. and the next DIY Challenge!

A really late B-day gift for Katie!

Katie's birthday happened while I wasn't making captions, so once I started up again, this was the first one I made. Actually it was the only one I had made for about 2-3 weeks. It wasn't a fully fleshed out story line so I saved it for the next DIY Challenge, which didn't happen until now. Hope she likes it, and hopefully I can be ON TIME next year when it comes around again!

I have captions to post over the next week, which is a good thing since I might be short of time this week doing freelance computer repair for a few people and I am now doing income tax preparation on the side as well. Nice to be able to put a little bit of money aside, hopefully to get some rear tires for my vehicle, and redoing the AC system and a new CD player for the GF. Our anniversary is coming up in May as well, so it seems like I've already got the money spent!

I have started viewing friend's caption blogs again over the weekend, and even made a few comments. I haven't forgotten about all of you and at the very least I am going to skim my blog list on the left side every day or two, then try to catch up during the weekends. So glad that everyone seems to be keeping their blogger blogs, as they are so much easier to follow .. and after a bit, it seems like web traffic/visits are back to where they were before the kerfuffle. We all may have been chuffed, but we can only go so long without our TG fix!


Here is the next setting for the DIY Challenge.Hopefully it will provide lots of options and ideas for those who'd like to take a shot at it.

The deadline is Sunday, March 29 at midnight, PST. You can write out the story and post it to the "LATEST DIY" section of the blog, which you can find under the banner up above. You can also submit it to my trading folder in Rachel's Haven (it won't be considered a trade caption) with the title DIY (name of your caption). You can also email it to me. Ask for details if you wish to do it that way and haven't submitted something by email before. Let's get cracking!


  1. i wonder if my socks are magic? every time i do a way one disaperes !

  2. Wonderful cap. Such a nice position for Katie, and while she hasn't been around the Haven lately, I can't help but think of Melina when I look at the girl on the right. This cap would be right up her alley as well.

    Interesting DIY picture. I hope I can do something nice with it.

    Happy St. Patrick's day.

  3. Yes! I loved it Dee, great picture and great cap..
    Thank you for remembering me!

    xoxoxo Katie Mills