Friday, March 27, 2015

'Orange' You Glad that Hailey is Back Again?

Back and better than ever!

Made this quickie for Hailey, now running a new blog called, Hailey's Hosiery Home, which is in the blog roll on the left side of the site. So glad she's back after a number of months on hiatus. She seems to be branching out a bit with things other than just hose, and that can only mean more wonderful captions that everyone can enjoy!

I have no idea if she'd used this picture, but when I saw it, I knew it was for her, since I've placed her in leggings shaded in almost all the colors of the rainbow. Just search "Hailey" on my blog and you'll come across all sorts of great tights and pantyhose captions. Since she's back now, I'm not sure if she's seen a caption I made back in October of 2014 starring Katie Mills and her. For those of you who haven't seen it, and perhaps for Hailey as well, you can find it by clicking HERE! Katie also has a heartfelt comment in there that Hailey should read too!

Hope you enjoyed "Pop Culture Week" here at Deelusions of Grandeur! Didn't get a hell of a lot of comments, but it was still fun to do, and without having to follow anyone's particular preferences. I still think its better for me to have some sort of guidelines to get me moving forward into creating good captions. I have one more to post, but not sure when it'll appear. It's "superhero" based.

It's also nice to know that the Wufoo account in the "Ask Dee" section of this blog is still working properly! I got a question from Josie Chung that I'll be answering within the next post or two. I should be home most of the day tomorrow, hopefully finishing my income tax and making captions too! We'll see how much working with finances will drain my creativity!


  1. love the caption and its great to see Hailey back.
    Tax forms sounds like a fun day for you. Maybe Dee well want to sort out the tax man after that?

  2. I have indeed seen it, but I was certainly glad to see it again, along with this little gem! Thanks babe; it's good to be back! =D