Monday, March 30, 2015

Crash Course in Girlhood!

.. or perhaps bimbo bootcamp?

Found the picture on Saturday during a break in taxes, etc ... and the idea came to be about having to do your makeup until you get it perfect, then smearing it because you were emotional enough to start crying due to the feminine mood swings the hormones were giving you.

Well, if you are trapped in a situation, it sounds like a good caption for WannaBeStuck, so why not give her what her Haven name obviously wants!

Here is what I posted in her folder:
You can't just be a girl in a few different life situations! It takes years to master all the subtleties of the fairer sex so I'm here for you Sweetie! Even if I am the reason you ARE in this situation! 
PS. Though it might sound like you aren't fully female, especially with the first line, I left it vague but I'm of the opinion that I magically TG and AR'ed you (back to where a girl truly becomes a woman) to trap you in all the best and worst moments of being female. It could also work if it was read with me feeding hormones, but the story is less developed that way. Where I wished to be vague was exactly who I was and WHY I did this to you, and that will continue to be vague, since I'd rather you (and the readers) filled in those blanks as you wish them to be.
She wants to be fully female, and when I reread it right before posting, I could see how it might be read that she still technically is a shemale, so I made that disclaimer. As mentioned in that though, it can be read the other way if you wish, so it IS entirely up to you how you interpret what I wrote.

So who am I in the caption and why did I do this to poor, lovely Corrine?

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  1. Really love the phrase 'bimbo bootcamp!' Awesome caption, Dee! Very well-written!